CIA chief weighs ambitious overhaul of spy agency

CIA Director John Brennan has ordered a sweeping internal review that could dramatically change how the country`s leading spy agency is organized, officials said Thursday.

Pakistan govt rejects Imran Khan's demand to include ISI in poll probe

The government on Monday rejected a demand by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief Imran Khan to include officials from the army-controlled ISI spy agency and the military intelligence in a proposed panel to probe alleged rigging in last year's general election.

South Korea spy agency says Kim Jong Un had ankle surgery

South Korea`s spy agency believes North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who recently dropped out of public view for nearly six weeks, had surgery to remove a cyst from his ankle, Yonhap news agency reported Tuesday.

Pakistani TV channel Geo News sues spy agency ISI for defamation

A Pakistani television channel is suing the powerful spy agency for defamation over accusations of being anti-state, it said on Friday, in a move unprecedented in a country where public criticism of the military is taboo.

US allows tech giants to reveal spy agency demands

The United States is to give technology firms more leeway to publish broad details of how their customer data has been targeted by US spy agencies, officials said Monday.

Snowden leaks have helped Britain`s enemies: MI6 chief

The intelligence leaks from US analyst Edward Snowden have left Britain`s enemies "rubbing their hands with glee", the head of the MI6 spy agency said on Thursday.

Afghan spy agency arrests three terror suspects

Afghanistan`s intelligence agency has detained three suspected terrorists from southern Paktika province, a statement of the National Directorate for Security (NDS) said Sunday.

Andrew Parker named director of Britain`s domestic spy agency MI5

Britain`s domestic spy agency has chosen a new director, a 50-year-old ornithologist with counter-terrorism experience in the Middle East and Northern Ireland.

MI6 doesn’t have ‘licence to kill’, says report

British intelligence service MI6 does not have a “licence to kill,” sources have revealed.

US spy agency to focus on threats from Asian powers

The US is moving to revamp its spy operations globally with Pentagon floating a new intelligence agency to focus on new threats from emerging Asian powers like Iran and China.

MI5 named as gay-friendly employer

MI5 was ranked number 62 in the top 100 list of Britain`s
best employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff.

‘Spy agencies tap Pak female NA members’ phones’

Female legislators of Pakistan have complained that their phones were being tapped.

South Korea spied on Indonesia delegation: Report

The secret agents were apparently seeking bid secrets for a defence contract.

New Zealand spy agency criticised over gaffe

A scientist, who got SIS clearance, turned out to live in a fantasy world.

Iran says 10 linked to Mossad arrested

Iran said on Tuesday it has arrested
10 people linked to Mossad and that the Islamic republic had
delivered the Israeli spy agency a "severe blow" after deeply
infiltrating it.

Step up espionage, Putin to Russia`s spy agency

Vladimir Putin asked Russia`s foreign spy agency to step up espionage.

Bomb blast wounds 12 outside Colombia spy agency

Authorities suspect the bombing was the work of the leftist FARC.

West German spy agency ‘employed about 200 former Nazi criminals’

The Federal German Intelligence Service, which is also known as BND, has admitted that it employed about 200 former Nazi criminals for at least 15 years after the Second World War.