Taiwan, China in talks over spy swap: Report

Taiwan and China have conducted rare talks on exchanging intelligence agents jailed on each side, in a further sign of warming ties between the former rivals, local media reported on Monday.

Iran scientist says US wanted `spy` swap for detained hikers

An Iranian scientist, who returned
home last week, has said that they had pressed him to agree to be
exchanged in a "spy" swap for three US hikers in custody in

Two deported from Russia in spy swap now in UK hotel

Two of the four Russians expelled
from the country in a historic spy swap are in a hotel
somewhere outside London with no British visas.

Spy swap brings swift end to diplomatic problem

With the conclusion of the biggest spy swap since the Cold War, the US has defused a thorny problem.

US got a good deal in spy swap: Biden

US Vice President Joe Biden has said America definitely got a "good deal" in the US-Russia spy swap.

Dramatic end to US-Russia spy scandal; 14 agents swapped

Russia and the US on Friday dramatically swapped 10 Russians spies for 4 American agents.

Ten Russian spies deported after NY guilty pleas

The 10 Russian spies were deported from the US following a swap agreed by Moscow and Washington.

US, Russia swap 10 Kremlin agents for 4 Western spies

The US and Russia sealed the most sensational spy swap since the height of the Cold War.