Cone snail venom may harbour cancer and addiction cure
Cone snail venom may harbour cancer and addiction cure

A new study has revealed that the venom of Cone snails, which are marine mollusks, just as conch, octopi and squid, but they capture their prey using venom, provides leads for detection and possible treatment of some cancers and addictions.

What sound means to squids

Marine biologists have started prying on squids’ world to find out how these creatures hear and how they respond to sounds in the ocean.

There`s no such thing as empty space!

Scientists claim to have produced particles of light out of vacuum, proving that space is not empty.

"Colourful" squid found in southern Indian Ocean

Researchers have discovered a bright-coloured squid with eight arms and light-producing organs.

New large squid species discovered

Scientists have discovered a new large species of squid during an expedition of Indian Ocean.

Squid studies shed light on human hearing

New studies on the ordinary squid are providing clues about the origin and evolution of the sense of hearing.