George Takei wants 'Star Trek' return
George Takei wants 'Star Trek' return

Actor George Takei has expressed interest in appearing in upcoming 'Star Trek' films.

`Star Trek` announces live concerts

Filmmaker JJ Abrams` `Star Trek` films will be paired with live symphony orchestra in a series of concerts.

Alec Baldwin encouraged me to star in `Jack Ryan`: Chris Pine

Chris Pine says he sought advice on playing `Jack Ryan` from actor Alec Baldwin.

Chris Pine got `gentleman` lessons from mother

Actor Chris Pine says his mother taught him to how to be a gentleman, including having impeccable table manners.

Star Trek series `to make TV comeback`

Bob Orci has revealed that a new TV series could be in the works.

`Star Trek` villain Michael Ansara dies at 91

Actor Michael Ansara, who played the original Klingon on three different "Star Trek" TV series, has died. He was 91.

Star Trek star George Takei reveals life changes after coming out as gay

`Star Trek` star George Takei has opened up about how his personal and professional life changed once he came out about his sexual orientation.

New `Star Trek-style` magnetic space shield for astronauts

Scientists are developing a Star Trek-style magnetic space shield that could be used to protect astronauts from harmful radiation given off by the Sun.

I have a respect for detail that goes into fashion: Saldana

Zoe Saldana has a huge respect for the craftsmen for making beautiful outfits.

Three sci-fi films just a coincidence for Zoe Saldana

After signing Marvel Studio`s superhero film ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’, actress Zoe Saldana has become part of three big sci-fi franchises, including ‘Avatar’ and ‘Star Trek’, but insists it was not planned.

`Star Trek` fans get double treat with audi`s new Spock vs Spock ad

Audi of America has lined up Star Trek`s original Spock, Leonard Nimoy , in a head-to-head with the franchise`s new Spock, Zachary Quinto in their new advert.

Original `Star Trek` series was almost cancelled, documentary reveals

Original `Star Trek` series` pilot episode bombed with the test audience and was on the verge of getting scrapped, a new documentary has revealed.

`Star Trek...` to hit Indian screens first

J.J. Abrams`s sci-fi movie ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ is set to come out in India a week ahead of its international release. The director says that action and the scale are "light years ahead" in the film.

Star Trek `phaser gun` fetches $231k at auction

A phaser gun made for the hit television show ` Star Trek` has been sold at an auction for 231,000 dollars.

Was not keen to star in `Star Trek`: Chris Pine

Actor Chris Pine was not keen to audition for "Star Trek" and was initially sceptical when his agent suggested the role of James Kirk in JJ Abrams`s 2009 reboot of the franchise.

Zoe Saldana wants short hairdo

`Star Trek` star Zoe Saldana says she is planning to cut her hair short.

JJ Abrams excited to work on `Star Wars Episode VII`

JJ Abrams has finally spoken about being announced as the director of Disney`s ‘Star Wars’ reboot, saying he is excited to helm the project.

Chris Pine to receive award

Chris Pine will be honoured with the CinemaCon Male Star of the Year Award at NATO`s convention in April.

Google`s new search will be like `Star Trek`

Google has said that it is planning to give its users a new experience of searching the web, which would be like `Star Trek`.

Obama mixes Star Wars and Star Trek metaphors

Obama mixed Star Wars and Star Trek metaphors as he explained why he could not force the Republicans and Democrats to a deal to replace the forced spending cuts that kicked in.