Why some companies fail at Twitter
Why some companies fail at Twitter

You may find shopping at a Nike showroom or visiting Starbucks for your favourite coffee a reason to cheer you up but according to a latest study, these two brands are among those who are failing at corporate tweeting.

Starbucks `gives away` drinks after US system outage

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but fear not because there was free coffee supposedly going at Starbucks in North America on Friday after a major computer glitch.

Britney Spears gains over 13 kg

Singer Britney Spears has reportedly put on a lot of weight - nearly 13.5 kg.

Please do not bring in guns: Starbucks tells customers

US coffee giant Starbucks is asking armed customers to leave their guns at the door, but not banning firearms outright.

Starbucks to partner with Google for faster Wi-Fi

US coffee store Starbucks customers will have access to faster Wi-Fi speed from August, thanks to the company`s new partnership with Google.

Starbucks to display calorie counts on menu boards

To keep its customers informed about their daily caloric intake and to help them maintain a healthy weight, Starbucks will post calorie information in its drinks at all US locations beginning next week.

Demi Moore’s nip display on Starbucks trip in chilly LA

Demi Moore suffered a wardrobe malfunction recently as she stepped out to buy coffee with husband Ashton Kutcher.

Starbucks unveils the 1.5-pint coffee cup

Starbucks has launched a new super-size coffee cup.

Starbucks` Q1 profit more than triple

Starbucks Corp earned USD 241.5 million, or 32 cents per share, for the three months that ended in late December.

Starbucks sees China as next key market after US

Starbucks (SBUX.O) will see China become the company`s next major market after the United States in the near future, the firm`s China chairman said on Wednesday.