Statins not linked with reduced fracture risk

Contrary to prevalent suggestions that statin users may have a reduced risk of fractures, researchers have found that treatment with an anti-cholesterol medicine did not reduce the risk of fracture among men and women.

New test to spot what makes a good drug

A new test could revolutionise the discovery of new prescription drugs by determining which drugs are unlikely to work at an early stage.

Benefits of statins slightly outweigh diabetes risk

A new study has revealed the benefits of taking cholesterol-lowering drugs such as statins are far greater than the risks and the diabetes risk of taking the drug was "small".

Statins increase breast cancer risk: Study

A new study has revealed that long-term use of controversial heart drug statins can aggravate breast cancer risk.

Canola oil lowers heart disease risk in patients with Type 2 diabetes

A new research from St. Michael`s Hospital suggests that Canola should be one of the oils of choice for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Statins lower physical activity in older men: Study

Muscle pain, fatigue, and weakness are common side effects in patients prescribed statins, according to a new study.

Statins should be taken by all over 40s, says UK`s top cardiac surgeon

Britain`s top heart surgeon has said that statins is a good cholesterol drug and should be made sold over the counter.

Statins could cut dementia risk by 25 percent

Scientists have revealed that statins drugs can slash the risk of dementia by a quarter.

Statins could improve your sex life

Researchers have shown that statins could improve erectile function in men suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs may boost your sex life too

Those who take cholesterol-lowering statins to keep their heart health in shape can further chill as statins have now been linked with a significant improvement in erectile function.

Cholesterol-lowering drug statins could ease coughing in lung disease patients

Common cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins could provide relief to patients suffering from a chronic lung disease, a new study suggests.

Statins may slow untreatable, progressive stage of multiple sclerosis

Researchers have suggested that simvastatin, a cheap cholesterol lowering drug, might be a potential treatment option for the secondary progressive, or chronic, stage of multiple sclerosis (MS), which is currently untreatable.

High-potency statins may prolong heart attack survival

Treatment with high-potency statins offers a significantly improved chance of survival compared to those taking normal statins, suggests a study.

Monthly wonder jab could cure millions of patients from dementia

Scientists have developed a drug, which will be available in 5 years to slow down Alzheimer`s relentless attack on the brain.

Why high cholesterol fuels growth and spread of breast cancer

Researchers have suggested that breast cancer growth can be fuelled by high cholesterol, as a by-product of cholesterol functions like the hormone oestrogen to enhance the growth and spread of the disease.

Popping `cholesterol busting` statins can actually make you go blind

A new study suggests that statins, which are taken by millions of Britons every day to slash cholesterol, could actually trigger sight loss.

High potency statins can prevent dementia

Researchers, who examined the effect of different statins on new onset dementia (except vascular dementia) in an elderly population, have revealed that high doses of statins, particularly of high potency, prevent dementia.

Statins proved to be best for treating cataracts

Statins are among the most commonly prescribed medications for cataracts, which is the leading cause of visual impairment worldwide affecting more than 20 million people, according to research.

Statins may also help slow human ageing

Researchers have suggested that statins protect against DNA shortening by telomerase activation and promote healthy aging free of age-related diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer

Cholesterol wonder drugs statins can also prevent cancer

A new study suggests that Statin-takers are less likely to die from cancer.