Robbers raid top Pakistan charity, steal $400,000

Armed robbers have raided one of Pakistan`s leading charities and stolen $400,000 in cash as well as five kilos of gold, police said Monday.

Minor boys suspected of theft made to dip hands in boiling oil in MP

In an inhuman act, four minor boys, aged between eight and fourteen, were forced to dip their hands in boiling oil by their neighbours after they suspected the boys of stealing Rs 500, reports stated on Saturday.

You can`t steal this bicycle

Three engineering students in Chile have developed a bicycle called Yerka which they claim is impossible to steal.

Police `panty gang` dismantled in Brazil

Six police officers in Rio de Janeiro have been arrested on charges of stopping trucks carrying women`s underwear, stealing their merchandise and extorting money from their drivers.

6 foreign nationals `steal` diamond bangles from Mall

Six foreign nationals, all woman, allegedly stole two diamond bangles, worth about Rs 14 lakh, from a jewelery shop in Shipra Mall in Indirapuram area here.

Thief in China steals car with baby on board

A thief in northeast China has stolen a car which had a two-month-old baby in it, prompting over 8,000 Chinese policemen to launch a manhunt for the culprit.

Fraudsters can steal your card details using contactless technology

Millions of shoppers are now able to buy goods by simply waving their card in front of a reader at the tills, from new contactless technology being brought in by banks.

Mischievous dogs `steal 33 million pounds from owners a year`

It seems that some dogs do have a taste for the finer things in life, for a new study has found that they steal a staggering 33 million pounds worth of their owners` possessions, including cash and jewellery, each year.

Two Indians arrested for stealing jewellery in Lanka

Two Indians posing themselves as
Hindu priests in Sri Lanka were arrested with gold jewellery
worth Rs 9 lakhs, police said here on Thursday.

Police bust motorcycle lifters` gang, 6 students held

Police today claimed to have busted
a motorcycle lifters` gang with the arrest of six college
students and recovered 41 bikes from their possession here.

Suu Kyi`s party accuses breakaway faction of stealing logo

Senior officials of the party of
Myanmar`s detained pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi have
filed a protest with the junta, accusing a breakaway faction
of using a party logo similar to theirs.

`India not stealing Pakistan`s share of river waters`

India is not "stealing" Pakistan`s share of river waters and all hydropower projects being built by the country conform to the provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty of 1960, Indus Waters Commissioner G Ranganathan on Tuesday said.

Peruvians arrested for stealing handbags from 5-star hotels

Three Peruvian nationals,
including a 71-year-old man and a middle-aged woman, were
arrested for allegedly stealing handbags of foreigners in
five-star hotels in the national capital, police said on Wednesday.

Pak can steal US aid from their own backyard: Expert

As the Obama administration mulls over the channels to deliver economic aid to Pakistan, a Pakistani expert has warned that sending money directly to the Pakistan government would be a bad idea.

Tirupati priest steals temple jewels to marry daughters

In a shocking and first such incident, a head priest of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has confessed to stealing ornaments from the temple to marry his daughters.