China skirts queries on Pak's plan to buy stealth fighter

China's military today skirted questions about the sale of its latest stealth fighter planes to Pakistan, days after a senior Pakistani minister said a proposal was under discussion with Beijing.

Russia aborts stealth fighter flight: Official

The Russian air force "stopped the flight due to technical
defects," a spokeswoman

Indo-Russia stealth fighter to make its debut

Two prototypes of the single seater jet, estimated to cost USD 6 billion, are expected to fly over Zhukovsky air
field on the outskirts of Moscow.

China’s stealth fighter better than that of US

The next generation stealth fighter under development by the Chinese military could rival America`s best fighters in terms of speed, stealth and lethality, according to a report.

China stealth fighter makes 2nd flight: Report

China appears to have staged a second test-flight of a new stealth fighter jet, a state-owned newspaper said on Tuesday.

China develops new stealth fighter using downed US bomber

An American F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber had been shot down over Serbia.

China`s new stealth fighter may use US technology

Chinese officials recently unveiled a new, high-tech stealth fighter.

China`s new stealth fighter may use US technology

China`s new, high-tech stealth fighter could pose a threat to American air superiority.

Chinese stealth fighter makes first test flight

The J-20 flew for about 15 minutes over an airfield in a southwestern city.

China`s first stealth fighter J-20 revealed

China has completed a prototype of its first known stealth aircraft, media reports said Wednesday, reinforcing the nation`s military buildup ahead of a visit by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates.

Russia`s first stealth fighter makes maiden flight

Russia`s first stealth fighter intended to match the latest US design made its maiden flight Friday, boosting the country`s efforts to modernize its rusting Soviet-built arsenals and retain its lucrative export market.