Scientists redefine how human blood is made

Turning conventional wisdom on its head, a team of Canadian scientists has discovered a completely new view of how human blood is made.

Singapore to open public stem cell bank

When injected into the body, stem cells can help replicate organ tissues. They are used to treat more than 80 diseases, including blood disorders and cancers.

China makes world's first 3D blood vessel bio-printer

The significant breakthrough has been achieved through its self-developed stem cell bio-ink technology, 3D bio-printer and cloud computing platform.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan stresses on importance of cord banking
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan stresses on importance of cord banking

Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who features in the new advertising campaign of LifeCell - India’s first stem cell bank - says the commercial captures moments shared between expectant parents beautifully and will become a part of their journey towards parenthood.

Stem cell transplantation shows better results in leukemia patients: Researchers

A group of medical researchers have recently claimed that using stem cell transplantation to treat patients with a serious but a very rare form of chronic blood cancer 'Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia' (JMML) has shown improved results.

Stempeutics receives ODD in EU for its novel stem cell drug “Stempeucel”

Thromboangiitis obliterans or Buerger's disease is a rare and severe disease affecting the blood vessels of the legs. 

Scientists may have uncovered 'fountain of youth' while researching breast cancer

Researchers recently stumbled upon the " fountain of youth" while conducting the breast cancer research.

Aggressive breast cancer 'switch' identified

Australian researchers have identified a gene that drives an aggressive form of breast cancer, and they hope to find a way to "switch it off".

Changing stem cell structure can tackle obesity

Slight regulation in the length of primary cilia -- small hair-like projections found on most cells -- can prevent the production of fat cells from human stem cells taken from an adult bone marrow, reveals new research.

Scientist makes 'mini brain' in lab to discover cure for Alzheimer's

A new study provided a deeper insight into the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Discovery of stem cell gene switch brings regenerative medicine closer to reality

Scientists have discovered an on off switch for directing when a particular gene can perform its prescribed function.

Scientists make stem cell breakthrough

 An Australian research team together with international scientists has discovered a new stem cell that can be programmed to become any part of the body.

Stem cells may help mend 'broken hearts'

A new study has suggested that delivering stem cell factor directly into damaged heart muscle after a heart attack may enhance cardiac repair and reverse injury.

'Stem cell regime has no advantage over conventional treatment of stroke'

Stem cell treatment has no added beneficial effects over the conventional treatment of paralysis, which is also known as stroke, a study conducted by the All India Institute of Medial Sciences (AIIMS) has revealed.

Progeny 'mega cells' pivotal in adult stem cell transplant

A new research has identified that 'megakaryocytes' or 'megacells' are responsible for playing a critical role in adult stem cell transplant.

Food pipe tissue grown from stem cells

Using a simple technique known as multiple combinations of cell populations, researchers have grown tissue of the oesophagus (food pipe).

Scientist claims menopause could be 'turned on/off' in 20 yrs

 A stem cell scientist has recently claimed that menopause could be eliminated in 20 years.

Stem cell transplant may treat diabetes soon

Stem cell transplant to treat type 1 diabetes may soon be a reality as researchers have discovered a faster way to convert stem cells into insulin-producing cells.

Stem cell treatment holds hope for better stroke recovery

A new first-of-its kind pilot study has revealed that stem cell treatment can significantly improve recovery from stroke in humans.

Stem cell behaviour of human bowel uncovered

For the first time, scientists have uncovered stem cell behaviour of human bowel, providing vital clues about the earliest stages in bowel cancer development.