Having heartburn for three weeks can be sign of `cancer`

A new study has recently revealed that heartburn for three or more weeks can be sign of oesophageal or stomach cancer.

New method to diagnose stomach cancer developed

Portuguese researchers have claimed that they have developed a new method to diagnose stomach cancer by using 2D images.

Cancer far more lethal in some countries than others

 The new most inclusive global study till date shows wide dramatic gulf in cancer survival between countries.

Researchers grow 'mini human stomachs' in lab dishes with stem cells

It might seem shocking to you, but thanks to the scientists, who have now grown miniature stomachs in laboratory using stem cells.

Botox may slow tumor growth in stomach cancer: Study

Botox has frozen the faces of countless Hollywood stars, and international researchers said Wednesday the toxic injections might also be able to stop cancer in its tracks, at least temporarily.

`Magnetic` bacteria in food can diagnose stomach cancer

Imagine `magnetic` bacteria that as a part of your food, can help diagnose digestive diseases like stomach cancer.

Kerala records rise in cancer cases in 30 years

There has been a 280 percent rise in cancer patients in the past three decades in Kerala, reveals a study by the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) here.

`Get rid of bacteria and improve public health to prevent stomach cancer`

Get rid of bacteria and improve public health to prevent stomach cancer in developing countries, Australian Nobel laureate Robin Warren said here Saturday.

Simple breath test could help detect stomach cancer

A quick and simple breath test can diagnose stomach cancer, a new study has revealed.

Apirin `cuts odds of bowel and stomach cancers`

In a new study, researchers have found that taking aspirin every other day lowers the risk of certain cancers by more than 40 percent.

Reducing salt in your food can cut cancer risk

Reducing intake of salty foods such as bacon, bread and breakfast cereals may reduce people`s risk of developing stomach cancer.

Gastric cancer cases rise in China

Deaths from gastric cancer are expected to steadily rise over the next two decades in China as the disease proliferates.

Genes that cause stomach cancer identified

Genes that are mutated in stomach cancer have been identified.

Now, crab-like robot to remove stomach cancer

Inspired by Singapore`s famous chili crab dish, researchers have created a miniature robot.

Soy may not protect against stomach cancer

Estrogen-like compounds that come with a soy-rich diet are sometimes linked to a reduced risk of cancer

Hot chemo baths help fight stomach, colon cancer

Hot chemo bath offers a fresh look at ways of fighting against even aggressive forms of stomach and colon cancer.