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Depressed people can't easily shake off social rejection

A new study has recently revealed that people with depression cannot easily shake off social rejection and move on.

How stress can make you poorer

Stress can make people with high level of anxiety poorer by denting their confidence to compete, suggests a new study.

I don't take too much of stress: Bhushan Kumar

 Bhushan Kumar might be busy producing many films, but the producer says he doesn't let stress take its toll on him.

What makes recovery worse after heart attack in women

 Young and middle-aged women experience more stress than their male counterparts which could contribute to worse recovery from heart attack, shows a new study.

Here's how you can protect your 'heart' this Valentine's day

 Experts have provided some health tips for people to protect their heart this Valentine's day, especially for women.

Mindfulness training influences health via 'stress reduction' pathways

A new study has revealed how mindfulness training can improve a broad range of mental and physical health problems.

Obesity impact on fertility can be reversed

 Researchers have revealed how damage from obesity is passed from a mother to her children, and also how that damage can be reversed.

Here's your healthy excuse to take 30 minute cat nap

New studies reveal that indulging in a short nap for 30 minutes can help people relieve stress and bolster their immune system.

Why stress makes some people more vulnerable to depression

One reason why social stress makes some people more vulnerable to depression than others could be due to deficiency of serotonin, a crucial brain chemical linked to the feeling of well-being and happiness, a study suggests.

Dr Subhash Chandra Show: How to manage your time effectively?

Dr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Essel Group and ZEE addressed Management students at IMT Ghaziabad and discussed how time management helps one to achieve goals effectively.

Severe psychological stress lowers ability to bear physical pain

A new study has found that high amount of psychological stress has harmful effect on the body's ability to modulate physical pain .

Stressed? Know if it will lead to depression later

Measuring activity of a brain region which is crucial for detecting and responding to threats, it is possible to tell four years in advance if someone would become depressed or anxious in response to stressful life events, says a study.

Tips to lead a healthy lifestyle

Tips to lead a healthy lifestyle

Cook in low flame to keep Alzheimer's away

Eating food cooked at high temperatures increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease, a fascinating research has found.

Talk to nurse to ease pain, anxiety during surgery

Simple distraction techniques, such as talking to a nurse, watching a DVD or using stress balls, can help patients to relax during varicose vein surgery and reduce their pain, says a study.

Structure of anxiety disorder protein revealed

New research has revealed the crystal structure of a key protein, TSPO, which is associated with several forms of anxiety disorders.

Stress in soon-to-be moms not good for fetal development

 Feeling stressed during pregnancy is not good for fetal development, says a new study.

BPA exposure worse for female hearts than males

A new study has revealed that bisphenol A (BPA) exposure may put females at greater risk of damage from stress as compared to males.

How what you eat can impact your brain health

 A new study describes that what we eat are responsible for our gut bacteria which has a significant impact on behavior and brain health.

Brits Google 'depression' 27 times a minute

 A new research has recently revealed that Brits Google "depression" 27 times a minute, which means that someone Googles "depression" every two seconds.