Drinking problem and promiscuity can be predicted: Study

It can be predicted if young adults are prone to developing problem drinking or engage in risky sexual behaviour in response to stress, says a new study.

Sip your coffee tension-free, it's no more a monster!

The debate whether coffee is healthy or not has going on for long, but a century`s worth of research proves that coffee`s effects on human health is marginal at most unless a person belongs to some particularly sensitive group.

Stress during pregnancy impacts babies' brain development

 Stress during the first trimester of pregnancy alters the population of microbes living in a mother's vagina and impact the babies' gut microbiome and brain development, a study shows.

Let it all out: 6 reasons why crying is good for your health!

Ritu Singh

''What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul''

Positive memories can relieve work-related stress

 Recalling good memories of the past can reduce work-induced stress, a new study has found.

Yoga with Zee: Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krishna share valuable tips

Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krishna share valuable tips ahead of Yoga Day

Diabetes emerging as an epidemic in India, rate up 123% since 1990

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: India sure is developing on all fronts, but along with the growth and development comes the burden of lifestyle diseases. India is witnessing a diabetes epidemic and the disease has emerged one of the most arduous health challenges.

Diabetes: The epidemic that Indians created

Sharad Tripathi of Meerut developed diabetes five years ago, at 33, “no thanks to the stressful life of a sales person that involves a lot of travel, eating out and irregular meal times, and no time for exercise".

Positivity towards daily stress may benefit your long-term health

A team of researchers has suggested that reacting positively to stressful situations may play a key role in long-term health.

Zee Media Yoga special: Learn quick de-stressing tips!

Zee Media Yoga special: Learn quick de-stressing tips!

Indian analyst in US dies from apparent stressful work

A 22-year old Indian Wharton graduate working at Goldman Sachs has died days after he had complained to his father in India about long working hours and stress.

Researchers find way to retrieve 'lost' memories

Memories lost due to traumatic brain injury, stress, or diseases such as Alzheimer's may be retrieved by activating brain cells with light, shows a promising study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

Long drive puts you at burnout risk: Study

If your daily drive to office lasts more than 20 minutes, you may be at increased risk of burnout, says a new study.

Stress ups risk of death from liver disease

In a first, researchers have linked high levels of anxiety or depression with an increased risk of death from liver disease.

Soon, wearable device that assesses your health via sweat

A new wearable device may be able to use a person's sweat to provide significant information on the state of their health, scientists say.

Now, a device to asses your health through sweat!
Now, a device to asses your health through sweat!

Scientists have developed a new wearable device that can provide significant information about one’s health merely by assessing the sweat.

High salt diet may delay puberty: Study

Consuming excess dietary salt may result in late onset of puberty that can lead to behavioural problems, stress and reduced fertility, new research says.

Stress disorder not linked to cancer risk

In the largest study of its kind, researchers have found that stressful life events are not linked to increased cancer risk.

Mumbai Police organise laughter therapy programme

 Mumbai Police organise laughter therapy programme

Email addiction may increase stress
Email addiction may increase stress

Excessive email use may lead to increased stress levels as well as health conditions such as hypertension and heart failure, a UK scientist has warned.