Meditation can help veterans manage chronic pain

 A major challenge for health care providers is how to help the veterans alleviate chronic pain that will last a lifetime. A new study suggests that practice of meditation may help veterans to relieve themselves from chronic pain.

How rats respond to fear can fix stress disorder in humans

Female rats often respond to fear by "darting" where they start running around like crazy when they sense threat, new research has found, suggesting that the findings could lead to better treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in humans.

Anxiety and stress may lead to dementia

Chronic stress is a pathological state that is caused by prolonged activation of the normal acute physiological stress response, which can wreak havoc on immune, metabolic and cardiovascular systems, and leads to degeneration of the brain's hippocampus

Top six ways to reduce stress at work!

Here are some ways on how to reduce stress at work.

Space gardening can help astronauts reduce stress!

You must have seen the picture of the solitary orange zinnia that astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted last week. Such activities like growing plants in space can help astronauts reduce stress, suggests NASA's Behavioural Health and Performance team.

Sleep problems stress teenagers more

In stress tests, the researchers found that cortisol levels that indicate increased stress response are higher in adolescents with sleep problems.

Low resistance to stress in men can increase risk of type 2 diabetes

The new study has found that the low resistance to stress in men at age 18 years may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in adulthood by up to 50 percent.

Five easy ways to overcome stress!

Check out some easy ways to overcome stress.

Anti-depressants during pregnancy can increase birth defects risk

Using a medication prescribed to treat conditions including depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder during the first trimester of pregnancy may increase newborns' risk of heart defects, says a study.

Stressed out? Turn off emails and avoid stress!

Stressed out? Turn off emails and avoid stress!

Stress and Gen Y are just so made for each other and one of the reasons for the same is the constant email updates.

How stress can ruin your sex life

Between work, family, and life's many other demands, sex can quickly fall to the bottom of a person's to-do list.

Common anaesthetic could treat diet-induced depression

The researchers explored whether diet might influence behaviour of rats fed six times the normal amount of fat. 

Overeating can cause depression, beware!

Do you know? Chronic overeating and stress are tied to an increased risk of depression and anxiety.

Crucial brain chemical made from human stem cells

Serotonin affects emotions, sleep, anxiety, depression, appetite, pulse and breathing. It also plays a role in serious psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

Feeling stressed? Help others with everyday tasks to feel better!

New research shows even doing small thing for others such as holding the door open for someone else can give your mood a boost.

Stressed? Help a stranger to feel better

The participants received an automated phone reminder every night that prompted them to complete their daily assessment. 

'Stress precursor to pre-Alzheimer's condition in elderly'

Many Alzheimer's patients first experience mild cognitive impairment - a pre-dementia condition that significantly increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's in the following months or years.

Money is the leading cause of stress internationally

According to a 22-country survey from GfK, money is the main source of stress for 29 percent of people. 

Visual stress can reveal chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that causes persistent exhaustion that affects everyday life and doesn't go away with sleep or rest.