PM Modi assures Andhra Pradesh CM of all support as cyclone Hudhud strikes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday promised Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu all possible assistance as Cyclone Hudhud made landfall leaving five persons dead in the state and neighbouring Odisha.

Iraq says IS killed 500 Yazidis, buried some victims alive; US continue strikes

Islamic State militants have killed at least 500 members of Iraq`s Yazidi ethnic minority during their offensive in the north, Iraq`s human rights minister told Reuters on Sunday.

Armed U.S. aircraft now flying over Iraq: Defense officials

The Obama administration is flying armed aircraft over Iraq, defense officials said on Friday, adding that the flights were aimed at gathering intelligence and ensuring the safety of U.S. personnel on the ground rather than conducting strikes.

Israeli air raids kill 10 Syrian troops: Activists

Israeli air raids overnight targeting Syrian military facilities killed at least 10 government troops, an activist group said today.

Lightning kills eight in Bangladesh

Eight people were killed and 15 others wounded in series of lightning strikes in different districts of Bangladesh Saturday, authorities said.

New blockade hits Bangladesh as economy suffers

Bangladesh opposition parties on Tuesday called another nationwide transport blockade aimed at toppling the government, despite fears by business groups that the impoverished nation`s economy is being crippled.

Assam strikes balance on land acquisition

Assam today said despite scarcity of land in the state it could not wash off its hands like West Bengal on the ground that it could not help in land acquisition for private projects.

SC to examine implementation of its guidelines on strikes

The Supreme Court Friday decided to examine alleged non-implementation and non-compliance of its guidelines on the issue of strikes.

Egyptian activists cross into Gaza to show support

About 500 Egyptian activists have crossed into Gaza to deliver medical supplies and show support for Palestinians facing an Israeli offensive.

Syrians vote as strikes, killings overshadow polls

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said seven people
were killed in the flashpoint regions of Homs and Idlib.

Chhattisgarh fears more red strikes

A day after nine policemen and a civilian were killed in a Maoist attack, reports have come in of more such possible deadly attacks in forest areas of Chhattisgarh, India`s worst insurgency-affected state, official sources said.

Nepal trade unions warn of fresh strikes

Nearly a dozen trade unions have warned of an indefinite strike nationwide from July 31 over a controversial hike in wages.

Mamata urged to retract statement against strikes

West Bengal CM had stated that her government was against strikes and bandhs.

Strikes force Gaddafi back; NATO ships on patrol

Gaddafi`s grip seemed to loosen in the western city of Misrata that has been his stronghold.

Buoyed by strikes, Libya rebels try to advance

Coalition forces bombarded Libya for a third straight night Monday, targeting the air defenses and forces of Libyan ruler Moammar Gaddafi.

Egypt: Death toll put at 365 as strikes continue

Egyptian health minister said the toll did not include police or prisoners.

UP govt ban strikes in secondary schools

Ahead of Uttar Pradesh Board
Examinations, the state government has banned strikes in
secondary schools for a period of six months, officials said
here Friday.

Prince William’s marriage could be disrupted by strikes

A union leader in Britain has warned that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage could be disrupted by strikes, as there will be protests against Government cuts during that month.

Elephant strikes fear among people in Hamidpur Island

Panic struck the inhabitants of
Hamidpur island when an
elephant appeared from the surrounding water and was roaming
in the area, police said.

UP govt ban strikes in all medical institutions

Uttar Pradesh government has
invoked Essential Services Maintenance Act to ban
strikes in all the medical institutions of the state for the
next six months.