I did not buy a strip club: David Arquette
I did not buy a strip club: David Arquette

Actor David Arquette has denied reports suggesting he's the new owner of a strip club here.

David Arquette not buying strip club

Actor David Arquette has dismissed reports that he was in talks to purchase an infamous strip club here.

David Arquette in talks to buy strip club

Actor David Arquette is reportedly in talks to buy an infamous strip club in Los Angeles.

British hate preacher Abu Hamza managed London strip club

British hate preacher Abu Hamza told his US terror trial on Wednesday how he once jointly managed a London strip club in his quest to live a Western, movie-style life.

Support Bieber, Beliebers: Gaga tells `little monsters`

Singer Justin Bieber has been facing criticism from celebrities following his latest arrest. But Lady Gaga is an exception as she is asking her fans to support the controversial star and his fan base.

Justin Bieber cracking under pressure, says Ortega

Model Carmen Ortega, who met singer Justin Bieber in a strip club on the day of his arrest, says that the latter is "cracking under pressure".

Shooting at US strip club; 3 killed, 2 wounded

Authorities say three men are dead following a Christmas morning fight at a US strip club that began when a man apparently tried to enter with a gun but was stopped.

Justin Bieber splurges 10K dollars on strippers

Justin Beiber reportedly showered strippers with a lot of money during a recent visit to VLive in Houston.

Justin Bieber parties in strip club

Pop star Justin Bieber reportedly partied in a strip club in Houston, Texas and later left with one of the professional dancers.

Olivia Wilde takes Jason Sudeikis to strip club

Actress Olivia Wilde reportedly treated her funny man fiancé Jason Sudeikis to a "racy" date night by booking a private room in a strip club.

Olivia Wilde whisked off Jason Sudeikis for raunchy strip club date after engagement

Olivia Wilde took her new fiance Jason Sudeikis on a raunchy date to a New York strip club, where they booked a private room with two pole dancers.

Lindsay Lohan offered work at strip club

The Scores strip club in New York has offered to pay actress Lindsay Lohan`s storage bill of $16,000, if she works for them.

Katy Perry, John Mayer hit the strip club

Pop star Katy Perry and John Mayer hit up a strip club this past weekend.

US exchange program needs more changes: Advocates

The State Department should add housekeepers to a list of prohibited jobs for foreign college students, an advocacy group said.

Nicki Minaj visits strip club

Nicki Minaj paid a visit to a strip club in Amsterdam and she found it hilarious because the girls dancing to her track `Beez in The Trap`.

Charlie Sheen threatens to sue strip club

Actor Charlie Sheen has threatened to sue bosses of a New York City strip club after they used his name to promote the venue without permission.

Soon, a strip club in space

Playboy has teamed up with the space tourism company Virgin Galactic in fantasizing a Playboy Club in space.

Ashton Kutcher declines girls` invitation to go to strip club

`Two and a Half Men` star Ashton Kutcher has turned down an invitation from a group of women to visit a strip club.

Isla Fisher performs pole dance at a strip club

Actress Isla Fisher performed a pole dance at a New York strip joint as she filmed scenes for new movie `Bachelorette`.

UK Strip club set to release book on stripper slang

A lapdancing club in Britain is set to release a book on stripper slang. The guide will help shed light on the lingo used in the world of strip clubs.