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Good news: London Mayor proposes work visa solution for Indian students

Good news: London Mayor proposes work visa solution for Indian students

London mayor Boris Johnson has proposed a new Commonwealth work visa for Indian students which will allow them to work for two years after graduating from a British university which he hopes will help address the sharp decline in foreign students coming to study in the UK.

British Home Secretary rules out changes in student visa

Talking tough, Home Secretary Theresa May on Tuesday ruled out any relaxation in Britain's student visa system, saying overseas students should return home as soon as their visa expires unless they have a graduate job.

Top UK business leaders for change in student visas

In a letter published in The Sunday Times, the 37 business leaders warn that visa restrictions designed to bring net immigration below 100,000 a year will deter wealthy foreigners from outside the European Union.

New UK visa step to detect bogus Indian students?

Britain on Monday announced a targeted interview system for student visa applicants from India and other non-EU countries to prevent abuse and to ensure that they are refused visas if immigration officials have doubts about their genuineness as students.

UK to relax curbs on student visas

Due to the curbs, many international students have reportedly been deterred from considering Britain as a destination to study.

Student visas are 'back door' to UK, says think-tank

The group, whose research and figures are often quoted in news discourse, warned against attempts by Universities in UK and others to lobby the David Cameron government to remove student visa from official statistics since their stay in the country is mostly temporary.

UK rejects appeal on student visa curbs

The British government on Wednesday rejected an appeal by nearly 70 top university heads to review changes to the student visa regime that is likely to put off students from India and other non-EU countries from coming to the UK.