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Indian, Chinese students top migrants to New Zealand

Students from India and China helped to drive a record net gain in migrants to New Zealand in the first half of 2015, the government statistics agency said on Friday.

Britain plans more face-to-face visa interviews for students

Britain said it would increase the number of face-to-face students interviews instead of just paper checks after a pilot study found abuse of the country`s student visa system in Pakistan.

UK net migration falls

Migration into Britain has seen the biggest fall in 20 years, official figures have revealed.

Top UK business leaders for change in student visa

UK top business leaders appealed to Prime Minister David Cameron to remove foreign students from official immigration figures

‘Student visas are back door to UK’

MigrationWatch UK, an influential think-tank considered right-wing in its approach, has called for more restrictions on granting visas to students from India and other non-EU countries.

Britain makes it tough for Pakistani students

British Home Office figures have revealed that thousands of student visa applicants cannot speak English.

Indian students keeping off UK universities?

A number of institutions are seeing declines of between 20
and 30 % in applicant numbers from the Indian subcontinent.

Indians worst hit as Oz axes 15,000 student visas

The crackdown has hit Indian students the hardest. One in every six foreign students is an Indian.

UK bans nearly 1,900 Indian banks for student visa

The new list has just 85 banks operating in India whose statements will be accepted for purposes of student visas.

UK student visas to be cut by quarter of a million

Almost a quarter of a million fewer
overseas student visas are expected to be issued over the next
five years as immigration curbs take effect, according to a
government estimate published.

UK govt outlines major overhaul of student visas

Tougher entrance criteria, limits
on work entitlements and the closure of the post study work
route are some of the changes made to the student visa system
in the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

New student visa rules for Indian students to hit UK univs

British universities fear that tighter visa rules for Indian students could hit their revenues as these students are among the highest-paying.

Now, Britain tightens rules for student visas!

Days after Britain suspended issuing student visas in north India, Home Secretary Alan Johnson has announced new measures intended to cut the number of student visas issued abroad and prevent abuse of the immigration system.