Its official! Women are more empathetic than men
Its official! Women are more empathetic than men

A new study has revealed that women are indeed better at empathy than men.

Amanda Bynes hopes to study psychology post recovery
Amanda Bynes hopes to study psychology post recovery

Amanda Bynes recently took to Twitter saying that she hopes to study psychology after she recovers.

Can your dog win your true love?
Can your dog win your true love?

You may take your dog for morning walks or to a vet when it feels sick but your canine may not get the kind of love you shower on your kid, found a small yet significant study.

Beyonce becomes subject of study at Harvard
Beyonce becomes subject of study at Harvard

Beyonce's self-titled fifth album is now a subject of study at the Harvard Business School. Professor of Business Administration Anita Elberse and her former student Stacie Smith has prepared a 27-page study on the success story of the album, which sold 80,000 copies in three hours of its release, reportedly.

Most Britons not satisfied with sex life

Most Britons are not satisfied with their sex life, a survey reveals.

Your friends may be your fourth cousins: US study

The truism that friends are the family you choose may be more accurate than you might suppose.

PDA becomes unacceptable when you`re older

A new study has claimed that Public Displays of Affection ( PDA) is unacceptable after a certain age.

Kolkata street girl going to US for study

A street child once, 19-year-old Angela Bernadette Ryle has now won a scholarship to Washington for a course on how to teach young children.

Selfies daunting women on bad skin days: Study

Selfie trend has taken over social media, and it somehow propels everyone to look photo-ready all of the time. But a latest research shows that 68 percent of women feel negative about photos of themselves that haven’t been enhanced by a photographic filter.

Men acquire `perfect style` at 37: Study

It takes men 37 years to reach maturity as far as their style is concerned, according to a new study.

Teens prefer smartphones over sex: study

Internet-addicted students would rather give up coffee, eating and sex than their smartphones, a new UK research has found.

Philippines tolerates gays but abuses continue: UN-backed study

Gays are increasingly tolerated in Philippine society but discrimination persists and they remain vulnerable to hate crimes, according to a United Nations-backed study released Monday.

Friends, family priority for Indian youth: Study

Be a rebel - the line from the `Rang De Basanti` song does not seem to resonate with today`s youth in the country. They are now all for caring for their family, according to a new study conducted a popular youth channel.

Strange but true music doesn`t make some people happy

Listening to music may not always lift your sagging spirits, nor songs make you feel like that everything is going to be all right again. Maybe, music does not affect you at all.

Usain Bolt`s lightning speed could allow him to fly on Titan

Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth, is so fast that he could fly like a bird on Saturn`s moon Titan while wearing a wingsuit, according to a new study.

Many Indians regret not expressing their love: Survey

The majority of us have gone through the feeling of liking someone at some point of time and regretting not asking them on a date, says a recent survey.

Sex `happens` only when one is in love

What does love have to do with sex? A lot, reveals a study.

Neatly matched knees may be behind Usain Bolt`s speed

A pair of very symmetrical knees may be behind the record-breaking speed of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, the world`s fastest man, a new study suggests.

Science behind Usain Bolt`s `lightning` speed revealed

Researchers have claimed that symmetrical kids having the most symmetrical knees in the study are most likely to become best sprinters when they turn adults.