CERN scientists discover two new subatomic particles
CERN scientists discover two new subatomic particles

Scientists at CERN announced on Wednesday that they have discovered two new subatomic particles that could widen our understanding of the universe.

NASA discovers fast neutrons emitting from Sun`s outer layer

NASA`s MESSENGER spacecraft has discovered part of the outer layer of the Sun that is sending out modestly energetic subatomic particles called fast neutrons, which flowed past Mercury into space.

New microscope uses neutrons to create hi-res images

MIT and NASA researchers have devised a new microscope that uses neutrons - subatomic particles with no electrical charge - instead of beams of light or electrons to create high-resolution images.

Neutrinos `may soon be measured accurately`

Planetary scientists claim that their new research would for the first time help astronomers accurately measure neutrinos -- the lightest known subatomic particles in the universe.