Excessive Facebook use associated with substance abuse: Study
Excessive Facebook use associated with substance abuse: Study

Social media such as Facebook may not only be addictive, it could also be associated with impulse control disorders, including substance abuse, a new study has warned.

Substance abuse related to future violence among mentally ill

A study conducted by the University of Buffalo suggests that reducing substance abuse can lessen violent acts by patients with severe mental illness.

Overweight teens likelier to pick up smoking

A new study has suggested that overweight or obese teenagers are likelier to become regular smokers as compared to average weight teens.

Govt launches programme for adolescent health

The government Tuesday launched a health programme for adolescents, in the age group of 10-19 years, that would target their nutrition, reproductive health and substance abuse, among other issues.

Substance abuse far higher in mentally ill

Smoking, drinking and drug use are significantly higher among those who have psychotic disorders than among those in the general population, says a new paper.

Lady Gaga smoked weed to feel young

Lady Gaga says she was addicted in the past because it made her feel like a teenager.

Josh Brolin checks into rehab centre

Josh Brolin has reportedly checked into a rehabilitation centre for substance abuse treatment.

Lady Gaga`s admits being addicted to marijuana

Lady Gaga, who made no secret of the fact that she used the drug in the past, now admits becoming dependent on smoking weed.

Lindsay Lohan wants to open her own rehab facility?

‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan is reportedly planning to open her own rehab centre to help others deal with their addictions.

`Zac Efron has completed rehab stint`

Actor Zac Efron has reportedly completed a stint in a rehabilitation centre for serious cocaine addiction.

Illegal drug use surges among US baby boomers: Survey

The use of illegal drugs among Americans in general is holding steady, but it`s surging among middle-aged baby boomers, according to report released Wednesday.

New strategies for better addiction drugs

Scientists have shown the way to developing more effective drugs for addiction with less side effects, says a study.

Cyberbullying puts teens at risk of depression, substance abuse

Teenage victims of cyberbullying are more likely to develop symptoms of depression, substance abuse and internet addiction, a new study has revealed.

Internet addiction may predict substance use in teens

Researchers have warned that adolescents who are “internet addicts” may also be at increased risk of substance abuse.

Moore banned from weighing herself

Actress Demi Moore has been banned from weighing herself while in rehab.

Whitney Houston slams ‘ridiculous’ ‘flat broke’ reports

Whitney Houston, who has overcome crack cocaine addiction, has reportedly spent all of her fortune including a reported 100-million-dolar record deal.

Substance abuse ups depression risk

A new study has found that repeated cocaine use increases the severity of depressive-like responses.

School kids addicted to substance abuse

School children as young as 10 years are at a greater risk of substance abuse.