Egypt sentences 26 to death over Suez plot: Judicial sources

An Egyptian criminal court sentenced 26 militants to death for founding a "terror group" that aimed to target ships in the Suez canal, judicial sources said.

Three Egypt policemen killed in Suez Canal area

Three Egyptian policemen were killed on Wednesday by unidentified gunmen in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia, northeast of Cairo.

Gunmen kill 3 Egypt policemen, seize their weapons

Gunmen shot dead three policemen near the Suez canal city of Ismailia and seized their weapons, bringing to five the number of policemen killed in 24 hours in Egypt.

Somali piracy to return if no solution on land: Report

Navy patrols and armed guards on ships have helped quash once rampant Somali piracy, but without political solutions onshore attacks will likely return, the World Bank warned on Thursday.

Egypt risks ‘collapse of state’, warns Army chief

Army chief’s comments were a part of address to the cadets at military academy.

Protests continue in Egypt, police stations attacked

Protesters in Egypt violated an overnight curfew in towns along the Suez Canal, vandalising police stations and defying the emergency rule.

Iranian Navy ships return from Syria through Suez

Two Iranian naval ships returned from Syria through the Suez Canal Tuesday, a Suez Canal source said.

Iranian naval ships enter Mediterranean via Suez

The Suez Canal cuts through Egypt and allows shipping to pass from the Middle East to Europe and vice versa.

Two US warships cross Egypt`s Suez Canal

The two US vessels entered the Suez Canal on Saturday from the Red Sea.

Iranian warships enter Suez Canal

Two Iranian naval vessels have entered the strategic waterway en route for the Mediterranean Sea.

Iran asks for warships to pass Suez Canal: Egypt

Israel has expressed concerns over Iran plans, calling them a "provocation”.

Iran warships cancel request to transit Suez Canal

Israeli foreign minister called Iran`s plan to send warships a "provocation”.

`Hezbollah cell` to be tried by Egypt security court

Twenty-six men accused of plotting attacks on behalf of Lebanon`s Hezbollah group on tourist resorts and on ships in the Suez Canal will go on trial in an Egyptian security court on Sunday.