Increased sugar intake linked to higher diabetes rates

A prevailing theory suggests that eating too much of any food, including sugar, can cause you to gain weight and it`s the resulting obesity that predisposes people to diabetes.

`Healthy` smoothies have more sugar than a can of coke

Smoothies contain more sugar than a glass of cola, a new investigation has revealed.

`Sugar can comfort babies during immunisations`

A cry-free jab! Next time your baby is frightened by an injection needle, pop some sugar pills in his mouth.

Sugar, carbs can up risk of dementia: Study

Elderly who eat food high in carbohydrates and sugar have nearly four times the risk of developing dementia, a new study has claimed.

High fructose corn syrup `not responsible for obesity epidemic`

There is no evidence to suggest that the current obesity epidemic can be specifically blamed on consumption of HFCS, according to a study.

Fat, not sugar contributes to Type-2 diabetes

Fat, not sugar, contributes to the more common Type-2 diabetes, said a leading scientist of the Visva Bharati University.

Cereal bars are not so healthy

Cereal bars contain the equivalent of almost four teaspoons of sugar and high levels of fat.

Fizzy drinks `as hazardous to health as tobacco`

Sugar-packed fizzy drinks are just as dangerous to health as smoking cigarettes, health experts have claimed.

Healthy drinks `may not be that healthy`

Healthy" drinks may not be that healthy -- these often contain far more sugar than people realise.

Swapping protein for sugar may help blood pressure

Overweight adults who replaced some of the sugar in their diets with protein saw their high blood pressure drop slightly.

White rice increases risk of type 2 diabetes

White rice might be pleasing to the palate, but it significantly increases the risk of type 2 diabetes when eaten regularly.

2 common sweeteners in diets differ in their effects on body

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and table sugar (sucrose), which are thought to have nearly identical effects on the body.

Burning more sugar drives super athleticism

Muscle fitness drives super athleticism, especially when their cells efficiently utilise sugar as a fuel source, a study reveals.

Genetic mutation behind ‘life-threatening’ hypoglycaemia

The cause of hypoglycaemia - or very low levels of sugar in the blood - is genetic.

UP: Two arrested with sugar worth Rs 3.27 lakh

An inter-state police team has
seized 320 sacks of sugar, worth Rs 3.27 lakh.

Craving for junk food? Blame it on low sugar in brain

Feeding the brain with sugar could dampen our desire for high-calorie food.

Spoonful of sugar makes infections go down

Just a spoonful of sugar can impart that killing edge to antibiotics against infections.

Too much fruit juice not good either!

Researchers have proposed that fruit juice should not be included in five-a-day healthy portions.

Too much fruit juice not good either

Researchers are also advocating parents to give their children water instead of healthy fruit drinks as well as carbonated drinks and cordials, which have high concentrated sugar.

Sugar does not melt, it decomposes: Study

Sugar doesn`t melt, it decomposes, a new study by University of Illinois researchers has revealed.