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Back to business after tennis for Sharapova and Williams

Former champion Maria Sharapova says she draws inspiration from the longevity of Venus Williams and the two superstars are also looking ahead to the business field when it comes time to hang up their rackets.

It's not Sugarpova for Maria Sharapova !

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova has decided not to officially change her name to `Sugarpova` for the US Open despite giving the move a serious consideration, according to the tennis star`s agent.

Sharapova to be Sugarpova?

Russian tennis superstar Maria Sharapova wants to legally change her surname to Sugarpova before the fortnight of the US Open.

Maria Sharapova to venture into fashion, beauty world

Tennis champion Maria Sharapova ventured into business with a sweets line by the name of Sugarpova, and now she has plans to branch out into the cosmetics and fashion markets.

Maria Sharapova to launch gummy candies in NYC

Tennis star Maria Sharapova has flown to New York City to launch a new line of premium gummy candies called Sugarpova.