Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko emerges from behind the Sun

After disappearing behind the Sun and out of the Earth`s view last year in October, the target comet of ESA`s Rosetta mission, comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko can now be seen again.

Plasma plumes shield Earth from damaging solar storms

Scientists at NASA and MIT have identified a plasma plume that naturally protects the Earth against solar storms.

Astronomers spot rare asteroid break-up

Astronomers today said they have witnessed the distant break-up of an asteroid, a rare event that was not caused by a violent space collision or a close encounter with the Sun.

Arctic`s melt season getting longer by five days per decade

Researchers have said that the melt season across the Arctic is getting longer by five days per decade.

India`s mission to probe Sun before 2020

After successfully launching the Mars Orbiter Mission, India is now gearing up for its next expedition to the Sun. India will send a multi-million dollar mission to probe the Sun by 2020,as reported by a space official. This maiden mission to the sun is titled Aditya-1.

Sun unleashes massive solar flare, biggest of 2014

The sun emitted a huge solar flare on February 24.

NASA spots largest ever solar flare

NASA`s newly-launched Interface Region Imaging Spectrometer, or IRIS, has spotted its strongest solar flare to date.

`Solar storms behave like supernovae`

Researchers have explained for the first time the details of how solar storms behave as they fall back onto the Sun`s surface.

What actually happens when a star is sucked in by a black hole

A new research has tried to show what exactly happens during the destruction of a star as it falls into a black hole.

Most Americans don`t know that Earth circles Sun: Poll

Americans are enthusiastic about the promise of science but lack basic knowledge of it, with one in four unaware that the Earth revolves around the Sun, said a poll out Friday.

European astronomers discover new comet orbiting Sun

A team of European astronomers has found a previously unknown comet, which has been detected as a tiny blob of light orbiting our Sun deep in the Solar System.

Sun emits mid-level solar flare

The sun emitted a mid-level solar flare late Monday night, peaking at midnight.

Watch: Spectacular solar show captured by NASA`s Solar Dynamics Observatory

NASA`s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) on Thursday captured a spectacular solar show as the moon slid across the Sun`s fiery disc.

Jupiter may have once migrated closer to the Sun

MIT scientists have developed a map of more than 100,000 asteroids throughout the solar system which suggests that Jupiter may have once drifted much closer to the Sun.

Mystery behind massive star formation solved

A team of astrophysicists has found evidence which strongly supports a solution to a long-standing puzzle about the birth of some of the most massive stars in the universe.

SOHO captures images of CMEs erupting from sun

ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory ( SOHO) has captured images of a coronal mass ejection or CME erupting away from the sun on Tuesday.

Northern Lights to illuminate sky in the US

Even as the people in the US is shivering through frigid temperatures, here`s some good news that might help take their mind off from the biting-cold wind as they will have the chance of seeing the shimmering Northern Lights Thursday.

Sun emits first `X-class` solar flare of 2014

The sun emitted it`s first `X-class` solar flare of 2014 at 1:32 pm EST on Tuesday.

Sun`s magnetic field reverses polarity

The sun`s magnetic field has now undergone a total reversal of its polarity, which marks Solar Cycle 24`s midpoint, which is going to be completed in 11 years time, NASA has revealed.

Solar storms get a new tracker, in Britain

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