Iraqi Shiite militias grow brutal in anti-IS fight

The vengeance that Iraq's Shiite militias mete out as they fight the Islamic State group can be just as brutal as that of their sworn sectarian enemies.

Security forces break Iraq town's siege

Iraqi security forces Sunday broke through to the town of Amerli which had remained under siege for more than two months by the Islamic State (IS) Sunni extremist organisation, security sources said.

Iraqi parliament delays next session until August

Iraq`s deadlocked parliament on Monday postponed its next session until mid-August, prolonging the country`s political impasse despite urgent calls for a new government that can confront Sunni extremists who have overrun much of the country.

Iran slams Pakistan over border guards abduction

Iran on Sunday denounced what it called Pakistan`s inability to secure its own borders after five Iranian soldiers were kidnapped.

Hezbollah chief: Sunni extremists behind attacks

The leader of Lebanon`s militant Hezbollah blamed Sunni extremists for a string of attacks targeting the group`s strongholds over the past few months, including a car bombing that killed 22 people and wounded more than 300.

Insurgent bombing in central Iraq kills 13 people

At least 13 people were killed and eight injured in separate bomb and gunfire attacks in Iraq.

`US withdrew from Iraq to save money`

An al Qaeda front group said in a message that America`s bankruptcy and collapse is imminent.