Islamic State menace: `No` from one Iraq villager triggered mass killing of Yazidis

When Islamic State militants stormed into a northern Iraqi village and ordered everyone to convert to Islam or die only one person refused. But that did not satisfy the Sunni insurgents who are even more hardline than al Qaeda.

Caliphate declaration `heresy`, say Islamists

The surprise declaration of a "caliphate" by jihadists accused of committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq has provoked an outcry even among Islamists who dream of a state under Sharia law.

Qaeda-linked group urged Lebanese Sunni Muslims to attack Hezbollah

The al Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades had urged Lebanese Sunni Muslims to attack the Iranian-backed Shi`ite militant group Hezbollah a day before Wednesday`s suicide bombing in central Beirut. 

Priyanka Gandhi meets Muslim clerics, wins support for Congress

While she might not be a Congress member officially, but Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has started to play an active role in the internal and external affairs of the party.

Rebels, Islamists form dangerous alliance in Pakistan`s unruly southwest

In Pakistan`s volatile, resource-rich province of Baluchistan, separatists have teamed up with radical Sunni Muslims in their fight against the Pakistani government.

Explosions rock Iraqi capital, killing at least 34

Multiple explosions rocked Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 34 people.

Triple bombs kill 8 Shiites during Ashoura ritual in Iraq’s Baqouba

Ashura is an annual mourning period during which Shia Muslims commemorate the martyrdo of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad at the Battle of Karbala, Iraq.

Iran hangs 16 in reprisal for Pakistan border killings

Iran said it executed 16 "rebels" Saturday in reprisal after gunmen killed at least 14 border guards near the border with Pakistan, in a rugged area often rocked by violence.

24 killed in multiple attacks across Iraq

At least 24 were killed in multiple attacks across Iraq Wednesday, a police source said.

Eight killed in Baghdad bombing

Eight people died in bomb explosions in Baghdad Tuesday, an official said.