Simulation helps study oldest-known star in galaxy

Astrophysicists conducted a simulation study in order to have a better understanding of the formation of the oldest-known star in the galaxy.

Yellow supergiant star`s supernova explosion detected

Astronomers independently detected a yellow supergiant star at a location closely matching that of the supernova SN 2011dh in the M51 galaxy through images obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Cause of supernova explosion of year 1006 revealed

The supernova explosion of the year 1006 – the brightest stellar event ever recorded in history – was probably caused by the merger of two white dwarf stars, scientists have found.

Exploding star triggered formation of solar system

For decades it has been thought that a shock wave from a supernova explosion triggered our solar system’s formation.

3D models confirm supernova triggered our solar system’s formation

Scientists at Carnegie Institution for Science have provided the first fully three-dimensional models to demonstrate how a shock wave from a supernova explosion triggered the formation of our Solar System.

`Satnav` could pave man`s way beyond solar system

Satnav could be using neutron stars to steer a course through the universe, just as sailors of yore navigated the vast seas by the stars and the moon.

Astrophysicists discover 12 oldest supernovas

Astrophysicists have detected 150 supernovas, a record-breaking number in the Subaru Deep Field.

Supernova explosion may wipe out Earth: Scientists

In what seems to be straight out of a science fiction, American scientists have claimed the Earth could soon be wiped out by a supernova or the explosion of a star.