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This Indian-origin man helps keep surfaces dry underwater

 A team of engineers led by an Indian-origin scientist has identified ways to keep a surface dry for a longer period of time when submerged in water -- a finding that may save billions of dollars in a variety of industries.

A `surface` that control fluids

Defying gravitational forces, an Indian-origin scientist-led team has developed a new way of making surfaces that can actively control how fluids or particles move across them.

Peaches Geldof insists she’s ‘no sex fiend’ as nude pictures surface

Peaches Geldof has insisted that she is not the ‘wild party girl sex fiend’ that she has been portrayed to be.

Earth may have had water ‘from the day it was born’

A new study claims that Earth may have had water on its surface right since the day it was born.

Moon`s `treasure chest` includes silver

The surface of the moon contains a rich mix of elements, including silver and carbon dioxide.

Moon’s surface more complex than previously thought

Data from NASA`s spacecraft has revealed that the Moon’s surface is more complex than thought.

Invasive kudzu contributes to surface ozone pollution

Kudzu, an invasive vine that is spreading across the southeastern United States and northward, is a major factor in the large-scale rise of the pollutant surface ozone, says a study.

Scientists say "super-Earth" has rocky surface

Detailed data about the smallest planet ever found outside our solar system suggest it is a rocky "super-Earth" world very like our own, European astronomers have said.

Titan’s surface similar to that of Earth

A new research indicates that Saturn’s haze-enshrouded moon Titan turns out to have much in common with Earth in the way that weather and geology shape its terrain.