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Emma Stone loves surfing

Actress Emma Stone considers surfing as one of the greatest experiences in life.

Surfing record-holder awaits "monster" wave in Portugal

World-renowned American surfer Garrett McNamara holds a record for riding a 78-foot (24-m) wave - the largest ever surfed. Now he wants to find one almost twice as big.

South African wins big-wave surf contest off California coast

A 40-year-old wave rider from South Africa claimed his second Mavericks International surfing championship on Friday, as he led two dozen competitors carving into crests up to five stories tall in the northern California`s famed surf contest.

Depressed Facebookers seeking spa treatments to rejuvenate

People suffering from Facebook depression are seeking treatment in spas to rejuvenate themselves off social networking.

Surfing has the `cool` that cricket lacks: Jonty Rhodes

South African cricketing icon Jonty Rhodes says surfing has something that gentleman`s game does not have - the "cool" factor.

Liam Hemsworth almost died during surfing session

Liam Hemsworth narrowly avoided death as a youngster after he was trapped underwater when a surfing session went wrong.

Selena Gomez avoids surfing internet

Singer-actress Selena Gomez has given up surfing the internet after receiving nasty online comments from fans jealous of her romance with singer Justin Bieber.

Crocodiles can surf the seas

Crocodiles can surf ocean currents to take long leisurely journeys across open seas.

Web surfing increases brain activity of old people

In a good news to older people struggling with bad memory, a recent research has showed that exposure to Web surfing increases brain activity among aged in regions involved in vision, language and reading.