North Korea denies drone flights, calls South Korean president `prostitute`

North Korea on Monday accused US and South Korean authorities of fabricating the results of a probe that concluded Pyongyang sent small surveillance drones, or unmanned aircraft, to spy on key South Korean installations in March.

Australia to buy surveillance drones to patrol borders

Australia announced plans Thursday for a fleet of giant high-tech unmanned drones to help patrol the nation`s borders, monitoring energy infrastructure and attempts to enter the country illegally.

French military considering purchase of US drones: Source

France is considering buying US-made unarmed Reaper surveillance drones to boost its military capabilities, a source in the defence ministry said on Friday.

US to give Pak ‘smart bombs’, surveillance drones, F-16 jets

The United States will supplement its multi-billion dollar aid package to Pakistan with a series of powerful new weapons, including smart bombs, to help Islamabad crackdown on its growing militant groups.