Susan Boyle cancels US tour due to throat infection
Susan Boyle cancels US tour due to throat infection

Singer Susan Boyle, 53, was forced to cancel her American tour due to a sore throat.

Great Scots throw weight behind Glasgow`s Games

Some of Scotland`s best-loved exports, after its famed whisky, will help kick off the Commonwealth Games today, the beginning of a two-week party in Glasgow.

Susan Boyle announces first US tour

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle will headline her first solo tour of the US this autumn. The 53-year-old former `Britain`s Got Talent` singer, who has sold 19 million albums worldwide, will begin her trek across North America on October 8 in San Diego, California, reportedly.

Meryl Streep tired of awards

Hollywood star Meryl Streep hates asking people to attend awards ceremonies with her.

Susan Boyle set to play lighthouse keeper in new TV drama

Susan Boyle has signed up for the role of a lighthouse keeper in a new TV drama, provisionally titled ` Diva`.

`Multi-millionaire` Susan Boyle applies for part-time job at bookies

Susan Boyle, who worth several million pounds, has applied for 6.31-pound-an-hour minimum wage position at Ladbrokes store.

Susan Boyle blames money and fame for family rifts

Scottish singer Susan Boyle reportedly feels that it is her money and fame which is responsible for the ongoing rifts within her family.

Susan Boyle blackmailed by elder brother for 50,000 pounds

Susan Boyle was emotionally blackmailed by her elder brother Gerry for 50,000 pounds, according to her family.

Susan Boyle pledges to shed weight

Singing sensation Susan Boyle is determined to lose weight as she is all set for her film debut.

Susan Boyle relieved after Asperger`s syndrome diagnosis

Scottish singer Susan Boyle is relieved after being diagnosed with Asperger`s syndrome, a form of autism.

Meryl Streep has been asked to play me in film, says Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle has revealed that Meryl Streep has been asked to play the singer`s role in her film.

Film planned on Susan Boyle`s life

Singer Susan Boyle has revealed that a film is being planned on her life.

Susan Boyle buys back clothes given for charity

Singer Susan Boyle reportedly donated her old clothes to a charity shop and then bought them back.

Susan Boyle to kiss on big screen

Susan Boyle will feature in a kissing scene in her forthcoming film `The Christmas Candle`.

I really want to find myself a man, says Susan Boyle

Singer Susan Boyle had experienced married life while filming her new movie and enjoyed it so much that she is now on the hunt for a real husband.

Susan Boyle announces plans for first tour

Singer Susan Boyle is heading out on tour for the first time after finally feeling ready to perform a string of live shows for her fans.

Susan Boyle offers help to fire-ravaged zoo

`I Dreamed a Dream` hitmaker Susan Boyle recently visited Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian, which was destroyed by a blaze, to provide financial help.

Adele album prioritised over Susan Boyle?

The release of singer Susan Boyle`s album has reportedly been pushed back to accommodate `Skyfall` hitmaker Adele new record.

I have been bitten by the acting bug, says Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle says she wants to be a part of more films after being bitten by the acting bug.

Susan Boyle to make film debut

Susan Boyle will make her film debut alongside `Les Miserables` star Samantha Barks in an upcoming holiday movie.