Your dermatologist’s guide to body odour!

I am sure nobody wants to smell nasty or wants to have body odour. Although it just happens somehow causing us shame, discomfort and stress because of its unpredictability and recurrence.

When excessive sweating becomes embarrassing

Even though sweating is a natural phenomenon, it can get embarrassing and problematic when you start sweating profusely without the normal stimuli like physical exertion, warm environment or as a coping mechanism in emotional situations.

How sweat glands could help heal skin injuries

A team of researchers have determined that under certain conditions, the sweat gland stem cells could heal skin wounds.

Sweat mutation may have helped humans colonise Asia

A single mutation produced several traits common in East Asian peoples, from thicker hair to denser sweat glands, according to researchers.

Sweat glands help heal wounds

Don`t be too surprised if the glands that make you sweat could also help heal skin wounds, such as scrapes, burns and ulcers, says a new study.