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Attention men! All you need to know about prostate cancer (Watch video)

Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death among men of all races and Hispanic origin populations.

Jaundice: Symptoms, treatment, prevention tips!

Bilirubin is a yellow compound found in bile and is responsible for the yellowing of the skin and sclerae.

Japan develops sensor to detect viruses in five minutes

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba in collaboration with Osaka University has developed a sensor that detects infectious viruses in five minutes, the media reported on Tuesday.

UNICEF calls for immediate action against Zika virus

The United Nations Children' s Fund (UNICEF) on Tuesday called for immediate action to help stop the spread of Zika virus which is the suspected underlying cause of soaring cases of microcephaly in newborn babies in Brazil.

Beat post-race sniffles with tart cherry juice

A new study has suggested that tart cherry juice can reduce post-race respiratory tract symptoms after a marathon.

Alert in airports across India for MERS respiratory disease

An alert has been sounded at all airports to screen passengers especially from Middle East and South Korea, for Middle East Corona Virus (MERS-Cov), a kind of deadly respiratory disease.

Simple test measures Parkinson's progress in brain

US researchers have identified what happens to the brain with the progression of Parkinson's disease, thereby opening the door for a simple test to measure the disease advancement.

When depression strikes, all sounds seem similar

As per a new research, individuals with elevated depressive symptoms have difficulty perceiving all categories of speech, rather than displaying a selective bias towards sad speech.

Long-term depression may double stroke risk: Study

Long-term depression may double the risk of stroke for middle-aged adults, according to a new research.

Seniors with lingering depression double their stroke risk despite treatment

A new study has suggested that long-term depression may double the risk of stroke in adults over 50 and stroke risk remains higher even after symptoms of depression go away.

Gory social media videos can cause trauma

Unedited violent news stories in social media can cause viewers to experience symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), says a study.

Babies born with drug withdrawal symptoms on rise in US

The number of infants born in the US with drug withdrawal symptoms has nearly doubled in a four-year period, a new study says.

Indian scientists develop new drug for Parkinson's

Indian researchers have developed a new therapy that has been found to reverse Parkinson's-like symptoms in rats and the researchers believe that the findings could one day lead to a new therapy for human patients.

New method developed to track early signs of Alzheimer's

 Researchers have validated the first standardized protocol for measuring one of the earliest signs of Alzheimer's disease.

First blood test for osteoarthritis may soon be available

 A simple blood test for the most common form of arthritis that can detect the condition several years before the onset of physical symptoms may soon be available, UK researchers say.

Indonesian in city hospital with swine flu symptoms

An air passenger from Indonesia displayed swine flu-like symptoms on Thursday after arriving here in a flight, a top official of N S C B International airport said.

Bangalore based engineer hospitalised with swine flu symptoms

A Bangalore based engineer has been admitted to the government hospital here with symptoms of swine flu, officials said.

TN taking preventive measures to tackle swine flu: Minister

 Tamil Nadu Government on Friday said 208 persons were found carrying symptoms of H1N1 (swine flu) in the state and 115 of them had been discharged after treatment.

How using Facebook can lead to depression

How using Facebook can lead to depression

Facebook lovers need to be aware, as a new study claims that use of the social media site can lead to symptoms of depression if it triggers feelings of envy among its users.

Swine flu claims five lives in Haryana

At least five people have died due to swine flu in Haryana this month, health officials said here Saturday.