Bomb attack kills 2 troops on Syria border: Lebanon army

A bomb attack on a Lebanese military patrol killed two soldiers and wounded three others Friday near the border with war-torn Syria, the army said.

Rebels advance in Syria's southern province

Armed militant groups, including Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, advanced in Syria's southern province of Qunaitera, as the Syrian troops stripped the rebels of key towns in the central province of Hama, activists said Saturday.

OPCW claims evidence of toxic chemical use in Syria
OPCW claims evidence of toxic chemical use in Syria

The fact-finding mission of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) claimed Wednesday that it has found compelling evidence that a toxic chemical was used "systematically and repeatedly" as a weapon in villages in northern Syria earlier this year.

Lebanon army battles gunmen near Syria border

Lebanese troops clashed with gunmen Thursday in a mainly Sunni Muslim area near the Syrian border where there was deadly fighting with rebels from over the frontier three weeks ago.

Death toll in Syria`s war tops 160,000: Activists

An activist group says the number of people who have died in the Syrian conflict so far has exceeded 160,000.

Jordan king to hold Syria talks in Russia on Wednesday

Jordan`s King Abdullah II is to travel to Moscow on Wednesday for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Syrian conflict, after visits to the Vatican and Austria, the palace said.

UN chief `convinced` Syria peace talks are best way forward

UN chief Ban Ki-moon is convinced that Geneva peace talks are the best way to resolve the Syrian conflict and urges all sides to return to the table, his spokesman said.

Pope urges Geneva peace talks to end Syrian conflict

Pope Francis urged participants at peace talks in Switzerland on Wednesday to urgently agree to end the civil war in Syria that has killed over 100,000 people.

Syria peace talks `no earlier than December`: Russian report

Planned peace talks in Geneva to find a solution to solve the conflict in Syria will not take place before December, a media report said on Tuesday.

Oslo hunts for two teen girls bound for Syria to `help` rebels

Oslo has launched a global hunt for two Norwegian teenage girls of Somali origin who have allegedly travelled to Syria to support the rebels in the war-torn country, police said on Monday.

UN envoy warns Syrian conflict is turning global

The UN`s top Mideast envoy is warning that "Syria is increasingly turning into a regional, if not a global, battleground."

Rebels demand arms, no-fly zone from `Friends of Syria`

Rebel fighters appealed on Thursday to the "Friends of Syria" group which is to meet this weekend to provide them with heavy weapons so they can protect civilians and prevent a humanitarian disaster.

Pentagon steps up planning for military intervention in Syria

The move comes specifically because of growing evidence the Syrian regime may have used chemical weapons.

Syrian military complex hit by car bomb, several dead

A car bomb blast targeted Syrian military complex in Syria’s Homs on Wednesday killing many, activists said.

Assad still confident of controlling Syria

Assad is still confident that he can ride out the maelstrom engulfing his country, according to Syrians familiar with the thinking of the regime.

Bloodiest day in Syria: 400 reported killed

As many as 397 people were killed in Syria Saturday in what could be the country`s bloodiest day since the start of the uprising.

Syria risks becoming ‘new Somalia’: UN envoy

Following talks in Moscow with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Brahimi said there was no alternative to negotiations.

NATO getting involved in Syrian conflict: Moscow

The deployment of Patriot air defence systems at the Turkish-Syrian border means NATO was getting involved in the Syrian conflict.

Hillary meets Lavrov; discusses options to end conflict in Syria

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Special UN Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi in Dublin and discussed options to end the 21-month old Syrian conflict.

China calls on global community to support Annan

China called on the international community to continue to support Kofi Annan`s mediation efforts to resolve the Syrian conflict.