Syria exiled opposition to snub Moscow peace talks

Syria`s exiled opposition announced Saturday that it had declined an invitation from Russia to attend peace talks in Moscow with representatives of President Bashar al-Assad`s government.

Israeli strikes kill Hezbollah fighters in Syria

An Israeli strike in southern Syria today killed the son of a slain top Hezbollah commander and four other fighters from the Lebanese Shiite militant group, which has been fighting alongside Syrian government forces, an official said.

US blacklists UAE company for helping Syrian regime

The US Treasury placed a United Arab Emirates company on its sanctions blacklist today for selling speciality oil products to the Syrian government.

Syrian government seeks to boost cooperation with Red Cross

Syrian Minister for Social Affairs said Tuesday that the government is keen to cooperate with the International Committee of the Red Cross ( ICRC), state media reported.

UN fears major Syrian government assault on town of Yabroud

The United Nations voiced concern on Friday at a military build-up near the rebel-held Syrian town of Yabroud, saying it feared a "major assault" by government forces and stressed that Damascus had a legal duty to allow civilians to leave.

Syria foes in first face-to-face meet at Geneva talks

Syria`s government and opposition finally met face-to-face on Saturday as difficult UN-sponsored peace talks inched forward in Geneva.

Air blitz death toll in Syria`s Aleppo passes 400

The death toll from a 10-day Syrian regime air offensive on Aleppo rebels passed 400 on Wednesday.

Nobody can stop Assad from running again: Syria

The Syrian government said that nobody can prevent the country`s embattled President Bashar al-Assad from running for re-election next year.

Syrian airstrikes pummel rebel areas

Syrian government aircraft pounded opposition areas in the northern city of Aleppo and near the southern border with Jordan on Monday.

Arab, Western powers say no future role for Assad

A group of Arab and the Western countries on Tuesday agreed with Syria`s moderate opposition that President Bashar al-Assad should have no role in any future Syrian government.

Syria crisis: Clerics allow starving Syrians to eat cats, dogs

The religious clerics in the war-torn country’s capital, Damascus, have issued a ruling (fatwa) on the occasion of Eid al-Adha permitting the Syrians to eat cats, dogs and donkeys which is otherwise considered unfit for human consumption in Islam.

Syrian documents look promising: Weapons inspectors

The weapons inspectors deployed in Syria to destroy chemical weapons said on Thursday that they have made an encouraging initial progress.

Russia to hand over chemical arms use proof

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov Thursday said his country is ready to hand over evidence of chemical weapons use by Syria`s “irreconcilable opposition” and it may be done even before the end of the day.

Britain supplied chemicals to Assad: Report

British companies sold poisonous chemicals to the Bashar al-Assad-led Syrian government that could have been used in the alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus, killing around 1,400 people, the Daily Mail reported Sunday.

Strike on Syria could draw US into imminent civil war: Report

A U.S. strike on Syrian government targets in response to the alleged chemical weapons attack last week has the potential to draw the United States into the country`s civil war, former U.S. officials have said.

`Syrian govt ready to hold talks with rebels`

The Syrian government has reportedly agreed to hold talks with the rebels who have been fighting to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

WikiLeaks releases more Syria emails?

Wikileaks has released thousands of emails related to the troubled country`s ministries of Foreign Affairs and Presidential Affairs.

UN observers start leaving Syria

Seven military observers and five civilian ones will stay in Syria to run the new political office.

Syrian envoy praised China, Russia for not acting like `colonizers`

A visiting Syrian government envoy praised China and Russia for not acting like "colonizers" in their response to her country`s 18-month conflict.

Syrian envoy to London defects; Aleppo fight on

Britain`s Foreign Office has announced that Syria`s most senior diplomat in London has defected.