Syrian aid cuts `amount to execution order`: Opposition

The leader of the moderate Syrian opposition said on Friday that cuts to UN food aid for 1.7 million Syrian refugees amounted to "an execution order" overseen by the international community.

Syrian opposition reiterates commitment to fight Islamic State

 Hadi al-Bahra, president of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), has reiterated the coalition`s commitment to fight the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group during a meeting with officials of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Syria`s main opposition coalition elects new leader

The Syrian National Coalition (SNC), the country`s main opposition umbrella in exile, elected Hadi al-Bahra Wednesday as its new leader.

Syrian government to take part in next round of Geneva II

Syria`s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said the government will take part in the second round of talks as part of Geneva II conference slated for February 10.

Geneva II shows shift toward solution: Syrian group

Syria`s domestically-based opposition group National Coordination Body has said convening of the Geneva II peace conference represents a shift for Syria`s long-running conflict toward a political solution.

Peace talks draw Syrian opposition, govt apart

The leader of Syria`s Western-backed opposition said on Thursday he will give his negotiating team the authority it needs in any talks with President Bashar Assad`s government.

Syria foes clash over Assad, atrocities at first meeting

Syria`s government and opposition, meeting for the first time at a UN peace conference, angrily spelled out their hostility on Wednesday as world powers also offered sharply divergent views on forcing out Bashar al-Assad.

Syrian opposition to name delegation for talks

A senior official with Syria`s Western-backed main opposition group says its leadership will meet to name members of a delegation heading to a peace conference this week.

Syria opposition to decide on attending crucial peace talks in Geneva

Ahead of the crucial peace talks, US Secretary of State John Kerry has made an appeal to the Syrian rebels to be a part of the Geneva II talks.

Syrian opposition splintered ahead of peace talks

Within minutes of opening a Twitter account this past week, the leader of Syria`s main Western-backed opposition group received an onslaught of criticism.

Syria opposition agrees to attend Geneva conference

The Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said in a statement, "A consensus has been reached among the coalition members about the need to take part in the Geneva II conference."

Islamic groups opposes Syrian National Coalition

Islamist groups in Aleppo province showed their disapproval for the anti- Assad coalition formed in Syria via an internet video they uploaded on Monday.