DNA: Shocking video of ISIS showing slaughter of Syrian soldiers

The Islamic State (IS) militants have released horrific video of some Syrian soldiers marching through a desert dressed only in their underwear, apparently on their way to be executed.

Syrian troops foil rebels` Damascus infiltration bid

Syrian troops Friday thwarted a rebel infiltration attempt into a main square east of the capital Damascus, pro-government activists and sources said.

Over 20 rebels killed, many injured in Syria army attack

At least 20 rebels were killed by the Syrian army in the northern part of the capital Damascus Monday, media reported.

Syrian troops recapture key town

Syrian troops have recaptured a key town in the central province of Homs, media reported.

Syrian troops kill 55 rebels

The Syrian troops Friday killed 55 armed rebels in separate operations across the country, the state media said.

Syrian troops kill 20 rebels

Syrian troops Friday killed 20 armed rebels in a new ambush in the eastern countryside of the capital Damascus, just a couple of days after eliminating more than 175 others in the same area, media reported.

War on Syria’s civilians unchecked: Report

The Syrian government’s policy of waging war by killing civilians, and increasing abuses by rebel groups, elicited horror in 2013 but not enough pressure from world leaders to end atrocities and hold perpetrators to account, Human Rights Watch has said.

Syrian troops kill 20 rebels in Homs province

The Syrian troops Saturday killed at least 20 rebels in the central province of Homs, as part of other heavy blows they have recently been dealing to the rebels in different areas, mainly the countryside of the capital Damascus, the official SANA news agency reported.

Syrian troops ambush, kill dozens of rebels

Syrian state TV and opposition activists say government forces have ambushed members of an al Qaeda-linked group.

Battle for Syrian Army base kills 24 rebels

Syrian activists say at least 24 rebels have died in battle for a military base near a northern opposition-held city but that government troops have managed to hold on to it.

Top Assad officials in Moscow to discuss Syria talks

A senior Syrian regime delegation was on Monday in Moscow to hold talks with top Russian diplomats on plans to hold a peace conference in Geneva to end the Syria conflict, the foreign ministry said.

Blast kills 31 Syrian troops: Watchdog

A rebel bomb attack on an army base near Damascus killed 31 Syrian soldiers on Sunday, as loyalist warplanes launched air raids on a town near the border with Lebanon.

Army advances as jihadists call to arms in north Syria

Syrian troops advanced on the Islamist-held northern village of Tal Hassel today, prompting jihadist rebels in nearby Aleppo to call for mass mobilisation to counter the offencive.

Syrian troops retake large parts of key military base

Syrian troops have recaptured "large swathes" of the Brigade 80 military base which was overrun by rebels in February in the northern city of Aleppo, activists said Friday.

Syria troops close in on suburbs hit by chemical attack

Syrian troops captured a key town southeast of Damascus on Thursday, a military source said, as they sought to close in on suburbs struck by chemical weapons in August.

Syrian troops take full control of strategic town

Syrian troops have taken full control of a town near the highway linking the capital Damascus with Jordan, a new advance in the regime`s campaign to drive rebels from the strategic south, an activist group said.

Syrian troops recapture 5 strategic towns near Lebanese borders

Syrian troops reseized five towns in central strategic Homs province near the borders with Lebanon and repelled rebels attack against a military airport, killing over 100 militants.

Regime troops shell areas on edge of Syrian capital

Syrian troops on Tuesday shelled rebel strongholds on the edge of Damascus from multiple rocket launchers based on hilltops.

Syrian troops kill 47 rebels

A total of 47 armed men were killed Monday in the Damascus suburb of Daraya, reported the pro government Sham FM radio.

Syrian Rebels committed war crime: UN Human Rights

The video shows rebels bearing and kicking a group of captured soldiers, some of the apparently wounded.