India developing Arjun Mark II tanks

India is developing Arjun Mark II main battle tanks (MBTs) after manufacturing Arjun Mark I, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley said on Friday.

CCS clears tank ammunition deal with Russia

Government has cleared a proposal to procure 66,000 Mango anti-tank shells from Russia to equip its armoured fleet including the latest T-90 tanks which have been facing shortage of critical ammunition for its weapon systems.

India to replace bursting tank barrels under Rs 1,500 cr deal

Seeking to address the issue of bursting barrels of Army tanks due to ammunition, the government is planning to replace them with canons of T-90 tanks in collaboration with Russia.

CCS clears Rs 8,000 crore missile purchase for Armed Forces

Invar is a weapon fired from the gun barrel of T-90, over 1,600 of which would be inducted into the Armed Forces in the next few years.

India, Russia contract for supplying tank ammunition

A Defence Ministry report on Monday said a contract was signed with Russia in 2010 for 16,000 rounds of ammunition for T-90 tanks.