Egypt asks YouTube to remove video of sexual assault

Egypt has asked YouTube to remove a video of a woman being sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square during a rally supporting the country`s newly elected president.

Egypt asks YouTube to remove video of sexual assault victim

Egypt has asked YouTube to remove a video showing a naked woman with injuries being dragged through Cairo`s Tahrir Square after being sexually assaulted during celebrations for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi`s inauguration.

Sisi makes pre-vote campaign splash in Egypt

A huge poster of former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stands tall near Cairo`s iconic Tahrir Square, one of thousands that have sprung up across Egypt.

Crowds return to Tahrir to cheer Egypt general

Three years after the start of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, thousands of Egyptians rallied in Cairo`s Tahrir Square Saturday calling for another military man to become their leader.

One dead, over 50 injured in Egypt clashes

At least one person was killed and over 50 people were injured across Egypt Tuesday as protestors marked the second anniversary of the deadly clashes that took place in 2011 on Mohamed Mahmoud Street near the iconic Tahrir square.

At least one dead as Egypt police storm Tahrir protest

At least one person was killed when Egyptian riot police stormed Cairo`s Tahrir Square late Tuesday to disperse stone-throwing protesters, a health ministry official said.

Memorial to Egyptian protesters damaged in Cairo

Unknown assailants damaged early Tuesday the foundation in Cairo`s famed Tahrir square for a future memorial dedicated to protesters killed in Egypt`s revolutionary turmoil of the past 2 1/2 years.

Memorial at Egypt`s Tahrir Square sparks protest

Where tents once sprouted and giant crowds chanted against their rulers, Egypt`s interim Prime Minister on Monday inaugurated the start of what is to be a memorial to protesters killed in the country`s revolutionary turmoil in the center of Tahrir Square.

Egypt Islamists rally after calling off Tahrir demo

Around 2,000 Islamists rallied in Cairo on Friday after organisers backtracked from marching on Tahrir Square, avoiding a repeat of last week`s clashes with police that killed dozens of people.

Grenades fired in Cairo, troops killed near Suez Canal after protesters die

Suspected militants killed six Egyptian soldiers near the Suez Canal and fired rocket-propelled grenades at a state satellite station in Cairo on Monday, suggesting an Islamist insurgency was gathering pace three months after an Army takeover.

Egypt clashes: 28 killed, dozens wounded

Fresh clashes broke out between supporters and opponents of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Sunday claimed 28 lives while wounding dozens.

Rivals call for Egypt demonstrations on 1973 war anniversary

Supporters and opponents of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi on Saturday called for rival demonstrations on the 1973 Arab-Israeli war anniversary after the deadliest violence in weeks.

Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood protesters march in Cairo

Defying a crackdown, thousands of supporters of Egypt`s Muslim Brotherhood marched through a Cairo suburb on Friday toward the site of their former protest camp that was crushed by security forces in August, a Reuters witness said.

Clashes flare at pro-Morsi march in Egyptian city, one dead

A high school student was killed when opponents and supporters of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi clashed in the city of Suez on Wednesday night, medical and security sources said.

Egypt`s Tahrir Square gears up for rallies

Egypt`s Army-backed interim government is sprucing up Cairo`s famed Tahrir Square ahead of planned celebrations in honor of the military this weekend. Supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi are also planning counter-rallies in the square.

Egypt court acquits police over protester deaths

An Egyptian court has acquitted 10 policemen and four civilians of the killings of several protesters during the 2011 uprising against former president Hosni Mubarak.

Mohamed Morsi supporters rally in Egypt, Army shows muscle

Three Egyptians were killed during clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed President Mohamed Morsi, after thousands rallied in Egyptian cities demanding the reinstatement of the Islamist leader.

Egypt to investigate Morsi for 2011 jailbreak

Prosecutors will investigate allegations that Egypt`s ousted president escaped from prison during the 2011 revolution with help from the Palestinian militant group Hamas, officials said on Thursday.

Egypt`s interim Prez meets Army Chief, 36 killed in violence

Egypt`s interim President Adly Mansour on Saturday held talks with the Army Chief and interior minister to discuss ways to ensure security amid violent clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed President Mohammed Morsi that claimed at least 36 lives.

Egypt press hails Morsi`s `legitimate` ouster

Egypt`s largely state-run press on Thursday unanimously hailed the army`s overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi as a "legitimate" revolution.