Departing US general says Afghan forces "inept" at basic motor repairs

The US general who brought the NATO coalition`s combat operations in Afghanistan to an end this week after over 13 years of war said Afghan security forces were "inept" at basic motor maintenance and were struggling to sustain troop numbers. 

Taliban rocket destroys Afghan president`s helicopter

The two rockets caused no casualties at the airport, which includes a large NATO base as well as a terminal for civilian flights to cities such as Dubai, New Delhi and Istanbul.

Two NATO troops killed in Afghan insider attack

NATO says two men in Afghan uniforms have shot dead two service members in the international coalition.

US military canine `in Afghan Taliban custody`

The Taliban say they have captured a dog belonging to the US military following a raid in eastern Afghanistan late last year.

Eight militants killed in Afghan army operation

Afghan army special forces Friday launched an operation in the country`s eastern province in which eight Taliban insurgents were killed, authorities said.

Six NATO soldiers killed in Afghan helicopter crash

Six soldiers from US-led NATO mission fighting Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan were killed in a helicopter crash on Tuesday.

Afghan insurgents kill 5 in attack on checkpoint

Afghan police say Taliban insurgents killed two officers and three civilians in an attack on Monday on a checkpoint in the western part of the country.

Pak says can`t force freed Taliban insurgents to negotiate with Afghan government

Pakistan has said it cannot push the freed Afghan Taliban prisoners to negotiate with the Afghan government.

Afghanistan: Ten Taliban insurgents killed

At least ten Taliban insurgents were
killed and 14 others captured in joint operations by coalition
and local forces in different parts of Afghan.

22 Taliban insurgents killed in Kabul

A handful of weapons and ammunition were found and several anti-vehicle mines and IEDs were defused during the raids.

Three soldiers die in Afghanistan

So far this year, 328 foreign troops have been killed in Afghanistan.

NATO helicopter crashes in eastern Afghanistan

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed the group`s insurgents shot the helicopter down.

US pressure led to Afghan Taliban insurgents` capture in Pakistan

Months of pressure by the Barack Obama administration on Pakistan`s powerful security establishment to side with them led to the capture of senior Afghan Taliban leaders.