DNA: Can rusted autocannons win battles for Indian Army?

Can rusted autocannons win battles for Indian Army? Watch the full Zee Media exclusive report.

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Joe Biden warns Russia over Ukraine

US Vice President Joe Biden warned Russia over Ukraine after new columns of tanks, trucks and heavy artillery rumbled towards the pro-Moscow rebel stronghold of Donetsk on Monday.

OSCE `very concerned` by tanks, convoys in Ukraine

The OSCE said it is "very concerned" after its monitors witnessed columns of tanks, howitizers and troop carriers moving through east Ukraine in territory held by pro-Russia separatists.

Six historical water bodies to be renovated in Sambalpur

The district administration of Sambalpur in Odisha Tuesday announced to renovate at least six water bodies of the city.

Rajasthan govt announces Rs 155.50 cr grant to farmers for ponds, tanks

Rajasthan government today announced a grant of Rs 155.50 crore to farmers for construction of ponds and tanks for better water management.

Ukraine army takes control of shattered border post

Crouching behind sandbags next to the bombed out remains of a roadside cafe that once catered for truck drivers and tourists, Ukrainian troops guarded the Dolzhansky border post with Russian.

US accuses Russia of sending tanks into eastern Ukraine

The US Friday accused Russia of sending tanks into eastern Ukraine, calling Moscow`s new effort to support the militants there "unacceptable".

US House urges China to stop Tiananmen censorship

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday urged China to stop censoring news about the Tiananmen Square crackdown as authorities enforced a tight blackout ahead of the 25th anniversary.

China says bigger soldiers causing cramped tanks

China`s military says its soldiers have grown taller and wider over the past two decades, leading to cramped tanks and other equipment problems.

Syrian tanks bombard defectors near central town

Around 50 tanks and armored vehicles fired anti-aircraft guns and machineguns into farmland on the edge of Rastan, near the restive city of Homs.

Invisibility cloak to project tanks as cows, cars

BAE System’s scientists in Sweden have designed a new invisibility cloak, which could protect tanks from heat seeking missiles.

Child reported killed in Syrian military crackdown

The Syrian president has gone on the offensive to maintain grip on power.

Sudan Army deploys gunships, tanks near Abyei: Monitors

Satellite images indicate a major deployment of military hardware by the Sudanese Army.

Snipers, shells, tanks terrorize key Libyan city

Moammar Gadhafi`s snipers and tanks are terrorizing civilians in the coastal city of Misrata,the US military has warned.

Tanks deploy in Yemen capital as generals defect

Tanks have been deployed in Yemen`s capital as a dangerous split opened in the military leadership.

`Chameleon` tanks to blend into backgrounds

Scientists at BAE Systems in Sweden can make a tank `disappear`, `sweat` or even look like a cow.

Military tanks deployed in Rio de Janeiro crime crackdown

Military tanks rolled
into the Vila Cruzeiro slum in northern Rio de Janeiro on Thursday
supporting a police crackdown on drug gangs, an AFP journalist
on the scene reported.

Plans on to acquire light tanks for deployment on China border

Army is planning to acquire 300
light tanks for deployment in the mountainous regions of the
border with China and Pakistan, a move seen as part of efforts
to beef up capabilities on the frontiers.

First indigenously made T-90 tank to be inducted into Army

In a major step towards its induction into the Army, the Heavy Vehicles Factory will roll out the first indigenously manufactured Russian T-90 tank on August 24.

Tanks in Sikkim not sign of tension with China: Tharoor

India today said the
deployment of Army tanks in Sikkim, which have been there for
many years, is "not a sign of mounting tension" with China.