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To fight tax dodging, Denmark will buy leaked Panama Papers

Denmark's taxation minister on Wednesday said authorities will buy leaked data from a Panamanian law firm that helped customers open offshore companies to avoid paying taxes.

Hamas closing Gaza's mobile phone company over 'tax dodge'

Hamas authorities ordered today the closure of the offices of Jawwal, the only mobile phone company operating in the Gaza Strip, accusing it of tax dodging.

Britain targets multinationals that try to dodge taxes

Britain plans to introduce a tax to target multinationals such as Google Inc and Amazon Inc accused of using complex accounting schemes to cut their payments on earnings in the country.

Group opens up offshore bank account database online

A massive database of private offshore banking entities that could be used for tax evasion was posted online for public use Friday by the muckraking group that first reported the files.

Johnny Depp likes tax dodging

Johnny Depp is a master at dodging as Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Carribbean" series.