Inexpensive graphene made from tea tree extract
Inexpensive graphene made from tea tree extract

A cheap and quick way to manufacture the 'wonder material' graphene using tea tree extract has been developed by scientists, including one of Indian-origin.

Decoded: What sugar does to your coffee

 The sugar in your cup of coffee not only gives a sweet taste but also helps reduce the bitterness of tea and coffee, new research reveals.

Catechins found in tea leaves can help fight cancer!

Studies have shown that catechins present in tea leaves can help fight cancer.

How to take care of oral health

Rinse properly after every meal, reduce your intake of tea or coffee and favour natural vegetables and fruits to take care of your oral health, says an expert.

After Manmohan, PM Modi invites Gowda for chat over tea

After Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited Janata Dal (S) supremo HD Deve Gowda for an "informal" discussion over a cup of tea.

Woman `punishes` her in-laws by peeing in their tea for a year!
Woman `punishes` her in-laws by peeing in their tea for a year!

In a weird and screwy incident, a woman was found urinating in her in-laws' cups of tea in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Here's another option for tea-lovers

Tea lovers can now choose from a mind-boggling 45 varieties sourced from the best gardens across the world at the third lounge here of a leading tea brand.

Sugar, kerosene, tea leaves for poor in ration shops in Bihar

 Chief Minister Nitish Kumar government on Wednesday announced bonanza for the poor by including sugar, tea leaves and kerosene in the list of items to be provided through ration shops.

It's official! Perfect cup of tea involves adding milk first

Milk should indeed be added first to make that perfect cup of tea.

Shop online, help underprivileged with 'chai'
Shop online, help underprivileged with 'chai'

Winter is the time of the year when usually craving for tea and hot snacks goes up. But some people can't afford to soak in such joys. A website has now launched a campaign so 'chai' would be served to the underprivileged in Delhi-NCR whenever anyone shops from the platform.

Tea and citrus products may lower ovarian cancer risk

Drinking tea and citrus fruits and juices are associated with a lower risk of developing ovarian cancer, according to a new large-scale study.

How tea tastes different every season
How tea tastes different every season

A new study has revealed that shifting patterns of precipitation affect key chemicals responsible for the flavor and health properties of tea.

Drink tea to fight fatigue while driving

If you feel tired behind the wheel on a long drive, try a cup of tea or coffee to ward off sleep instead of raising the volume of your music system.

Agrochem industry body to sue Greenpeace on toxic tea report

The agrochemicals industry association Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI), Thursday said it has decided to file a defamation suit seeking Rs.50 crore ($8 million) in damages from Greenpeace India for claiming that leading brands of tea sold in the country contain pesticides.

Tea reduces non-cardiovascular death risk by almost a quarter

A new study has revealed that drinking tea helps in curbing non-cardiovascular mortality by 24 percent.

Man kills wife in Odisha over delay in serving tea

A 56-year-old-man killed his wife in Odisha`s Dhenkanal district as she delayed serving him tea, police said Friday.

Tea tales/ Cutting (edge) Chai

Do you have active taste buds and an equally strong sensory skills; are you passionate about promoting tea as a preferred drink, then tea taster is the right career for you, says Gauri Rane.

Now machine brews fresh tea of your choice, taste

It`s time to bid goodbye to the tea-vending machines and the roadside tea-vendors. An Indian company has unveiled the world`s first automatic fresh-tea brewing machine, which uses only fresh ingredients, is economical and low-calorie in its output.