Tea reduces non-cardiovascular death risk by almost a quarter

A new study has revealed that drinking tea helps in curbing non-cardiovascular mortality by 24 percent.

Man kills wife in Odisha over delay in serving tea

A 56-year-old-man killed his wife in Odisha`s Dhenkanal district as she delayed serving him tea, police said Friday.

Tea tales/ Cutting (edge) Chai

Do you have active taste buds and an equally strong sensory skills; are you passionate about promoting tea as a preferred drink, then tea taster is the right career for you, says Gauri Rane.

Now machine brews fresh tea of your choice, taste

It`s time to bid goodbye to the tea-vending machines and the roadside tea-vendors. An Indian company has unveiled the world`s first automatic fresh-tea brewing machine, which uses only fresh ingredients, is economical and low-calorie in its output.

WB govt seeks financial package for tea workers

Amid the hue and cry by opposition over the plight of workers in closed tea gardens and reports of starvation deaths in north Bengal, West Bengal government has sought a financial package for them from the Centre.

Now, make the perfect cup of tea in a vacuum

A high-tech tea brewing solution can now create the perfect cup of tea of your dreams.

Ashley Roberts addicted to tea

Ashley Roberts has become addicted to tea since moving to Britain.

Protesting Aiyar`s tea vendor remark, BJP gives tea for free

Mocking Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar`s tea vendor taunt at BJP`s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, the party distributed tea to public free of cost to register their protest against the controversial remark.

Goa BJP retorts, asks Mani Shankar Aiyar to open bar

The "beverage" war between the Congress and the BJP over senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar`s tea-selling comment against Narendra Modi during the All India Congress Committee meeting in New Delhi got more intense.

Fruit tea gets Sofia Vergara boiling

Sofia Vergara reportedly got ticked off after she was served fruity tea at Sant Ambroeus in Southampton, this week.

I make great tea, says Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is convinced she can make better tea than her British fiance Matt Bellamy.

India to declare tea national drink in 2013

India will declare tea as the national drink by April next year, the country’s top planner has said.

Investing in Iraq requires patience, drinking tea

Foreign investors seeking a foothold in Iraq take heed: you`ll need a healthy dose of patience and a love of tea.

Take tea without milk for weight loss

Beware, especially if you want to lose weight - don`t add milk to tea, or you would pile on the pounds.

Tihar: Kalmadi found having tea with jail official

A cup of tea with the jail superintendent, unrestricted access to the entire jail premises - this is what life is like in Tihar Jail for the “high-profile” Undertrial Prisoners (UTPs).

Scientists unveil formula for a perfect cup of tea

Scientists have developed a mathematical formula for the ideal cup of tea, which is best when drunk exactly six min after it`s made.

Drinking tea daily as good as water

Drinking four to six mugs of tea daily is as good as a ltr of water for keeping yourself hydrated.

Americans don’t know how to make tea: Mirren

Helen Mirren has claimed that Americans cannot make a good cup of tea.

When Mallika Sherawat met President Barack Obama!

Mallika Sherawat was invited for tea with Barack Obama during his campaign.

President invites Team India for tea

President Pratibha has invited
the Indian cricket team for tea at Raj Bhawan here on Sunday, in
the first official engagement for the team India that trounced
Sri Lanka by six wickets on Saturday.