I`ve never had a smear test: Katie Price

Heavily pregnant model Katie Price has revealed that she had never had a smear test before.

RJD MP tears document in Rajya Sabha

In a shocking act, RJD member Rajniti Prasad Thursday night tore Lokpal bill after snatching it from Minister of State for Personnel V Narayanasamy.

`Technology addiction tearing families apart`

The use of iPhones, iPads and BlackBerrys is fracturing families which are becoming isolated from one another as they focus on their screen.

Chemical signal in women`s tears a turnoff for men

Tears of sadness may temporarily lower a man`s testosterone level.

Attempt to tear woman apart for dowry in Aurangabad

A husband and in-laws of a
woman allegedly tried to tear her into two by pulling her legs
apart, police said.