Now, print `real teddy bears` in just few hours

A new 3D printer has been designed to create real, cuddly teddy bears in a few hours.

US: Man held for having sex with teddy bear

Records showed that Charles Marshall has already been convicted three times of engaging in public indecency with a teddy bear.

Mila Kunis’s teddy bear is the love of her life

‘Friends With Benefits’ star Mila Kunis, who is all set for her next release ‘Ted’, says her teddy bear is the love of her life.

Teddy bear-faced robot to help injured soldiers

Scientists have designed a 500-pound teddy bear that is capable of lifting and carrying an injured fighter out of harm’s way.

Teddy bear-shaped nurse robot developed

Japanese scientists have come up with a robot resembling a huge, happy teddy bear to help look after hospital patients.