Aerobics combined with resistance training best exercise for fat teens

A new study has claimed that combining aerobic exercise with resistance training can battle the "epidemic" of obesity in teenagers.

How to prevent depression risk among teens

If you wish to shield your kids from depression, driving home the point that personalities can be changed may help, a study suggests.

Food commercials 'get under the skin' of teens

A new research has revealed that teenagers' neural response to food commercials may lead to future weight gain.

Sleepless teens likelier to get obese

A new study has demonstrated that teenagers who get less than six hours of sleep a night might be at risk of being obese as compared to their peers who sleep more than eight hours.

Israel destroys homes of Palestinians suspected of killing Israeli teens

Israeli troops on Monday demolished the homes of two Palestinians it suspects of the abduction and killing of three teenagers in the occupied West Bank in June, the army said.

Most Britons not satisfied with sex life

Most Britons are not satisfied with their sex life, a survey reveals.

Video games cause deviant behaviour in teens: Study

Teenagers who play mature-rated, risk-glorifying video games are more likely to engage in alcohol use, smoking cigarettes, delinquency and risky sex, says a study.

Playing video games daily for less than an hour benefits kids

Young people who indulge in a little video game-playing are better adjusted than those who have never played or those who play for three hours or more, Oxford researchers say.

Teenagers active in evenings more prone to insomnia

Have you witnessed your teenage son getting more active in the evenings compared to rest of the day? He may be prone to develop insomnia in addition to depression and anxiety.

Three teens, two minors held with ganja in Panaji

Three teenaged boys were arrested and two minor boys detained in Panaji for consuming ganja and possessing 0.6 gms of the drug.

Israel mourns teenagers, strikes Hamas in Gaza

Tens of thousands of mourners joined in an outpouring of national grief on Tuesday at the burial of three Israeli teenagers whose kidnapping and killing Israel blamed on the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

Facebook still teens` favorite social-networking website: Survey

A new survey has revealed that Facebook is still teens` favorite social networking website in the US.

Palestinian leadership pays price of Israel hunt for teens

A massive Israeli search and arrest operation in the occupied West Bank launched after the suspected abduction of three teenagers is sapping support for the Palestinian leadership, analysts say.

Netanyahu praises Abbas remarks, but slams Hamas pact

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas Tuesday for condemning the alleged kidnapping of three teenagers by Hamas, but slammed his unity pact with the Islamist movement.

Israel arrests more Palestinians in hunt for teens

Israeli security forces have arrested 10 more Palestinians in the West Bank as they press their search for three teenagers believed to have been kidnapped, the army said.

Two teenagers drown in 80-foot deep well

Two teenaged college students today met with watery grave in a 80-foot deep well in the city.

Israel says Hamas militants behind abduction of three teens

Israel said on Sunday Hamas militants had abducted three Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank, warning of "serious consequences" as it pressed on with a search and detained dozens of Palestinians.

Israel detains 80 Palestinians in search for missing teens

Israeli forces detained about 80 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on Sunday as part of efforts to find three abducted Israeli teenagers, the military said.

`Kissing` teenagers fall from 6th floor, die in London

In a bizarre accident, two teenage foreign students in the UK fell to their deaths from the sixth floor of a building while "kissing" and "frolicking" on the balcony.

`Cool` teenagers not so cool when they grow up

Teenagers who tried to act "cool" in early adolescence are more likely to experience a range of problems in early adulthood than their peers who did not act "cool", a decade-long study shows.