Alcohol, drug abuse are hazards of retirement among older adults

A new study has recently revealed that host of circumstances surrounding leaving the work force can lead to substance abuse disorders among older adults.

Air pollution leads to adverse pregnancy outcomes

A recent study by Tel Aviv University researchers has provided new evidence linking high exposure to air pollution to an increased risk of congenital malformations.

New breathalyzer test could help detect `deadly` lung cancer

Researchers have developed a breathalyzer test that could help detect cancer.

Indian businessmen announce grant to promote Hindi in Israel

In a major boost to promotion of Hindi in Israel, Indian businessmen here have announced a grant of about USD 33,000 for students learning the language, during World Hindi Day Celebration at Tel Aviv University.

Heart attacks hit poor the hardest

Even a heart attack can discriminate between the poor and the wealthy.

Echolocation behind bats ruling nights

Bats rule the night skies due to the power of echolocation or reflected sound which gives the mammals an evolutionary edge over other nocturnal species, a new study has found.

How `flawed` transport gene contributes to autism

Researchers have said that mutations in an autism-linked gene, dubbed NHE9, involved in transporting substances in and out of structures within the cell, causes communication problems among brain cells that may contribute to the disease`s development.

Bats catch insects by sonar and not vision during twilight

Researchers have found that echolocation works better than eyesight, even under adequate light.

Fish oil heals bed sores too

Fish oil promotes healing in bed sores of critically ill patients, too, says an Israeli research.

Newly developed protein can protect and restore brain function

A Tel Aviv University research has developed a new peptide in her lab to protect and restore nerve cell communications.

Now, restorative gel that can reverse paralysis

Scientists have developed a biodegradable implant, which in combination with a gel - that increases nerve growth and healing - can help restore the functionality of a torn or damaged nerve.

Stressful work conditions can up diabetes risk

Work conditions can predict development of diabetes in healthy employees, a new study has found.

Tata tie-up with Tel Aviv University on tech innovations

Tata Industries and Ramot at Tel Aviv University (TAU), have entered into a strategic memorandum of understanding (MoU) to fund and generate leading-edge "commercialisation ready technologies".

New method could sniff out schizophrenia

Neurons in the nose could be the key to early, fast, and accurate diagnosis of the debilitating mental illness, schizophrenia, according to a TAU researcher.

Universe`s rate of expansion measured using black holes

Scientists have developed a method to measure the rate of the universe`s expansion using certain types of active black holes that lie at the center of many galaxies.

`Bangalore among world`s top polluted megacities`

India`s `silicon valley` Bangalore has been rated among top polluted megacities in the world, claims a new study, using data collected by NASA`s high-tech satellites.

Radio telescopes may help reveal history of our universe

A team of scientists has developed a method for detecting galaxies of stars that formed when the universe was in its infancy, during the first 180 million years of its existence.

Proteins linked to allergic reactions identified

Scientists have identified 30 proteins in the body that determine how cells react to an allergen and can give a clue to how allergic reactions occur.

Childhood obesity linked to bladder, urinary cancer

Obesity in childhood has a direct link with bladder and urinary tract (urothelial) and colorectal cancers in adulthood, warn Israeli researchers.

`Global warming could unleash more violent storms`

Global warming could unleash more violent thunderstorms, flash floods and forest fires in the coming years, according to an Israeli researcher.