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India, Pakistan border chiefs agree to lower tensions in Kashmir

Indian and Pakistani border forces agreed on Friday to maintain restraint on their disputed Kashmir frontier, as they sought to defuse tensions that have been heightened in recent months by militant attacks that each side blames the other for.

Obama, Venezuela`s Maduro speak at summit amid tensions

US President Barack Obama briefly spoke with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at a regional summit Saturday, telling him Washington was not seeking to threaten Caracas amid rising tensions.

Curfew in Nigeria`s Rivers state over election tensions: state govt

An overnight curfew was imposed in Nigeria`s southern Rivers state as tensions ran high over local results of the country`s general election, the state government said on Monday.

US, Latin America worry over Venezuela tensions

The United States and Latin American nations voiced concerns Friday over political tensions in Venezuela after the socialist government arrested the opposition mayor of Caracas in an alleged coup plot.

EU urges two-state capital in Jerusalem as tensions soar after police killing of Arab-Israeli

Europe`s top diplomat on Saturday called for a Palestinian state sharing Jerusalem as its capital with Israel, hours after the police killing of an Arab-Israeli further fanned tensions.

Lebanon warns refugees against returning to Syria

Lebanon`s interior ministry Saturday warned all Syrian refugees registered in the country not to go back to Syria as of Sunday, threatening that those who leave "will be deprived of their refugee status".

Clashes in Ukraine as rival rallies raise tensions

Pro-Russian activists on Sunday attacked a pro-Kiev rally in Crimea with clubs and whips as thousands took to the streets across Ukraine in rival demonstrations, escalating separatist tensions in the troubled ex-Soviet state.

Pakistan Parliament adopts resolution, blames India for tensions along LoC

Amid a spurt in tensions over incidents along the Line of Control, the National Assembly of Pakistan on Tuesday adopted an anti-India resolution condemning aggression by Indian forces.

N Korea plans to attack US; Russia fears ‘spiral`

In the backdrop of growing tensions between North Korea and US, Russia on Friday warned against growing military activity near North Korea, BBC reported.

Myanmar reaches deal with rebels to ease tensions

Myanmar`s government reached an agreement with ethnic Kachin rebels to work to end a bloody conflict that has cast a shadow over the country`s progress in moving away from almost half a century of repressive military rule.

Pak, US step up contacts to defuse tensions

Pak and the US stepped up contacts to defuse tensions triggered by American
allegations that the ISI was waging a proxy war in Afghanistan.

Korea talks "collapse" in setback for nuclear dialogue

The North Korea`s delegation walked out ending the talks in a fiasco.

N Korea must take action to defuse tensions: Gates

Gates, in Tokyo as part of an Asia tour, has urged N Korean regime to cease its "belligerent behaviour".

Somalia`s Prime Minister resigns amid tensions

Somalia PM resigned to prevent what he called political turmoil amid an impasse with the Prez.

N Korea`s blunders caused tensions: S Korea

Tensions are high after the South accused the North of torpedoing a warship.

Israel lifts closure of West Bank as tensions calm

Israel on Wednesday lifted its tight restrictions on Palestinian access to Jerusalem`s holiest shrine and called off an extended West Bank closure after days of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces.

Two Koreas fail to agree amid military tensions

North and South Korea have failed to reach agreement in talks about upgrading their joint industrial estate, amid military tensions sparked by the communist state`s artillery barrage last week.

There are tensions between US and Pak: Pentagon

The relationship between the US and Pakistan is complex, the Pentagon said today, acknowledging that there were tensions on both sides.

Police deploy in Jerusalem as tensions simmer

Israeli police deployed in force throughout Jerusalem on Tuesday ahead of a mass annual march, as tensions simmered in the Holy City after two days of clashes with Palestinian youths.