Termites can halt spread of deserts: Study

The large dirt mounds of termites are crucial to stopping the spread of deserts into semi-arid ecosystems and agricultural lands, a new study has found.

`Nasty` termites` dirt mounds help prevent spread of deserts

"Not all termites are pest" because a new research has revealed that dirt mounds made by termites are crucial to stopping deserts from spreading into semi-arid ecosystems.

Termites inspire to create robotic construction crew

Inspired by the termites` resilience and collective intelligence, a team of computer scientists and engineers at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has created an autonomous robotic construction crew.

"Fairy circles" in African desert caused by termites

The mysterious "fairy circles" - the reddish barren spots up to 15 metres across - in African desert are actually drawn by the tiny termites, according to a new study.

Termites become `suicidal terrorists` as they grow older

Old termites carry poison “backpacks” that can kill their enemies, but they also die in the fight, like suicidal terrorists, a new research has revealed.

Power your car with termites digestive powers

The findings are the first to measure the sugar output from enzymes created by the termites themselves and the output from symbionts, small protozoa that live in termite guts and aid in digestion of woody material.

Notes worth Rs 1 crore damaged by termites

Rs one crore kept in the currency chest of SBI`s Barabanki branch have been eaten away by termites.

Ants, termites can boost wheat yields

Allowing ants and termites to flourish on farmlands can boost wheat yields by more than a third.