Xinjiang terror link suspected in crash at Tiananmen Square

Chinese police suspect the involvement of Islamic militants from the restive Xinjiang region in the mysterious car crash at the iconic Tiananmen Square in which five people were killed and 38 others injured.

US suspected Saudi envoy of terror link: WikiLeaks

The US suspected a Saudi
Arabian ambassador to the Philippines of potential involvement in funding terrorists, according to WikiLeaks.

Thai police hold 15 Pakistanis, probe possible terror link

Police in Thailand said they had arrested 15 Pakistani nationals involved in suspicious fundraising activity and were investigating possible links to
a terrorist organisation.

Kenya deports 4 Arabs, alleges terror link: Cleric

A Muslim cleric in Kenya says police are deporting three men from the United Arab Emirates and one from Oman because they suspect them of having links to terror groups, though the four say they are tourists.

Elements in Pak intel with terror links arrested or resigned: Malik

Interior Minister Rehman Malik
has acknowledged that some elements in Pakistani intelligence
agencies were sympathetic to terrorists and disclosed they had
resigned or were arrested.