Belgium deploys troops after foiling 'terror' plot

Belgium on Saturday began deploying hundreds of troops to patrol the streets after security forces smashed a suspected Islamist "terrorist" cell planning to kill police officers.

13 arrested over terror plot to kill Belgian police: Prosecutors

Belgian police arrested 13 people during a dozen raids overnight, smashing plot to kill police officers "in public roads and in police stations", prosecutors said Friday.

Terror plot to attack US consulate in Chennai codenamed 'wedding hall'

 The code name for the terror plot to attack the US consulate in Chennai was a "wedding hall" which was to be executed by "cooks", a code for terrorists who were to gain entry from Maldives into India.

Computer operator held in Maharashtra for discussing suspected terror plot online

A computer operator whose suspicious online activities led police to believe he was conspiring to blow up American establishments in the city has been arrested.

British police charge four with IS-linked terror plot

British police charged four men on Friday with intending to commit acts of terrorism, including taking an oath of allegiance to the Islamic State group.

DNA: ISIS planning 9/11-style terror plot against America?

With the anniversary of the September 11th attacks right around the corner, Intelligence reports suspect that ISIS may plan 9/11-style terror plot against America.

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Terror plot on US and Israeli missions: NIA takes over case

The NIA has taken over the probe into the case of alleged hatching of a plot by Pakistan-based terror group to carry out suicide attacks on the US and Israeli consulates in South India.

NIA takes over probe into terror plot; files FIR

Taking over the probe into a terror plot allegedly hatched to target US and Israeli consulates in South India, National Investigation Agency filed an FIR in a special court here.

Two women among 10 arrested in Malaysia terror plot

Ten people, including two women, have been arrested in Malaysia for their alleged link to an Islamic terrorist cell reportedly planning attacks in the country and other moderate Muslim nations.

Scotland Yard foils Islamist terror plot with our arrests

Scotland Yard have arrested four suspected Islamist terrorists here on suspicion of plotting a "potentially very serious" terror attack.

Scotland Yard foils Islamist terror plot with our arrests

Scotland Yard have arrested four suspected Islamist terrorists here on suspicion of plotting a "potentially very serious" terror attack.

Terror plot to attack Pak Air Force base foiled

A terror plot to potentially attack Pakistan`s Air Force`s Chaklala Air Base and Benazir Bhutto International Airport was reportedly foiled on Thursday by alert security personnel.

Man sentenced in US plot against terror witness

A man has been sentenced to four life terms for plotting to behead federal witnesses whose testimony helped convict him for his role in an earlier plot to slaughter US servicemen and their families.

Canada train plot suspects reject charges

In Toronto, Jaser`s defense team was granted a ban on publishing any evidence from the proceedings, and a bail hearing was set for May 23.

Bail hearing set for 2 men in Canada terror plot

Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, and Raed Jaser, 35, had "direction and guidance" from al-Qaeda members in Iran.

Canada foils Qaeda-backed train terror plot, nabs two

Two foreign nationals have been arrested in Canada in connection with what federal police said was a plot backed by al Qaeda to derail a passenger train in the Toronto area.

Teenager pleads guilty to terror charges in UK

A 16-year-old boy pleaded guilty on Monday to two terrorism charges in the central English city of Birmingham.

Thai police thwart terror plot

The discovery followed the arrest on Thursday of Rutsaran Sale, alleged leader of the Runda Kumpulan Kecil (RKK) insurgent group.

Family defends brothers charged in US terror plot

Two Florida brothers charged with plotting to support terrorists are caring family men who enjoyed living in the US and would never hurt anyone, their family said.

Two Pak-origin men in US charged in alleged terror

Two Pak-origin men in the US have reportedly been charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and to use a weapon of mass destruction.