China's showpiece fighter jet crashes on test flight; 7 hurt

At least seven persons were injured when an advanced Chinese multi-role fighter jet crashed into a residential compound during a test flight in the country's southwest.

Setback for space tourism as Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo rocket crashes during test flight
Setback for space tourism as Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo rocket crashes during test flight

Virgin Galactic's first commercial spacecraft crashed on Friday during a test flight over California, scattering debris over the desert and leaving at least one pilot dead, officials said.

SpaceX rocket explodes during test flight
SpaceX rocket explodes during test flight

A SpaceX rocket exploded in midair during a test flight, though no one was injured, as the company seeks to develop a spacecraft that can return to Earth and be used again.

Mini space shuttle skids off runway in test flight

A new, smaller version of NASA`s space shuttle is recuperating from a rough first landing.

3-D printed airplane takes test flight

University of Virginia engineering students have built an unmanned aerial vehicle, using 3-D printing technology, and flown successfully.

Jeff Bezos` spaceship fails during test flight

An unmanned spacecraft bankrolled by Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos failed during a recent test flight.

Dreamliner keeps date with India

The first ultra long-haul
passenger jet with a capacity to fly about 250 passengers
non-stop up to 16,000 km touched down at the IGI airport here
on Wednesday.

Chinese stealth fighter makes first test flight

The J-20 flew for about 15 minutes over an airfield in a southwestern city.

US: Maiden test flight for C-130J next month

The C-130J Super Hercules will provide Indian Air Force with modern airlift.

Second delay for Ares rocket test launch: NASA

NASA on Tuesday delayed the launch of the Ares I-X, a test rocket space officials hope will replace the aging space shuttle fleet and one day take astronauts to the Moon and Mars.

NASA puts new rocket on launch pad for test flight

NASA`s lofty new rocket arrived at the launching pad Tuesday for a test flight next week that comes at a time when the future of the country`s spaceflight program is up in the air.